1. Definitely the greatest backpacking table, especially for a solo trip. A foldable couch is also a must carry for solo hikers.

    This seems like it would be pretty great as a side table at a camping BBQ or similar. Not for my normal use case, but fair enough for others.

  2. Hey Luke, priced at $45 and change now at Amazon just an FYI

  3. They cost 45$ on Amazon now. I still bought one although there is one for 39$ that looks the same but I trust the Coleman name more.

  4. I have this table and it is terrific!

  5. And of course, in Canada we pay double the price

  6. I would like to know where you found the table at that price. $54.00 from the major online retailer.

  7. Its $55 on amazon now. You said it's not worth that price. So what table should I get?

  8. Have 2 of these.. one stays in the jeep.. the other I leave setup outside all summer at the hunt camp and use it to hold the camp stove.. no issues in 5 years and it's cords are still in tact.
    Great value and durable

  9. Amazon banned my review as it was negative so it is true Amazon reviews are very suspect

  10. For the price, it is a great price. If the height is adjustable to lower it, I would consider buying it. However, do we really need it? even though it is cheap. A container, icebox, igloo box or just a piece of plywood over 2 container storage boxes would do just the same and the boxes are multi purpose.

  11. Just subscribe to your channel, I like how you do reviews…..😎👍

  12. It would probably work fine for a backpacking trip where you are only hiking for 1-2 hours and can split up the weight between 2-3 people

  13. I'm looking for something similar like the Eureka camp table or the ALPS Mountaineering
    dining table.

  14. Do you have a link? Amazon want $39!!

  15. I wonder if Coleman and ALPS tables have the same manufacturer. The Coleman butane single-burner stove looks just like the ones from GasOne and Stansport.

  16. For overland camping this table is a bargain. Several of my gear pieces are Coleman products, including a two-man tent, and for those who are new to car camping and start out with a budget…Coleman products are worthy gear. However, take good care of them and they will last for years. My Peak One stove lasted for 35 years before it quit working but I bought a new one to replace it. The Coleman single burners are simple, inexpensive and perform flawlessly. Luke made a point about prices for similar products of other name brands. My Trekology table cost $45 and it is smaller than this Coleman table.

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