1. We went to front runner to buy a rack. Their customer service is closed for my safety. That's gonna be it for us, not much of an experience.

  2. The "added benefits", if any, aren't enough to overcome that think looking like straight ass. Not to mention the aerodynamic hit you're gonna take.

  3. Looking at a taco! And watching all these videos I am going to need to work a lot of overtime!馃槀

  4. Hey Mike! For the frontrunnerxdiamondback rack, would the diamondback SE cover support the weight of a 130lb RTT, and 2 adults? Thanks!

  5. Dude I just saw this video after I ordered my Slimlime rack. Question: do all of the roof racks include that table option? Not super clear on their website and FR isn't answering their phones 馃槬

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  7. just a huge commercial

  8. WHAAAAAAAAAT? I almost had a custom rack made! * Googles Frantically *

  9. Any plan on selling the prinsu rack? I鈥檓 in Parker

  10. Glad to see you're doing well during this crazy time Mike. Love seeing the updates to your rig. Cant wait to see more videos in the future!!

  11. I鈥檓 running the front runner rack on my Jeep Jk and I love it.

  12. Nice to see your honouring my brothers and sisters who gave all for our freedoms

  13. Sponsorship, that's why.

  14. Front Runner has more accessories than all of the other companies combined. I am currently running Rhino Rack on my jeep which has similar engineering

  15. Ever considered the GFC camper shell for the truck?

  16. Did you get for free?

  17. Still waiting on that tool video

  18. Could we get a video about why you switched back to BFG and why you got new rims? Would be interesting to hear performance thoughts about the Falkens compared to the KO2s

  19. im over here using a basket on top of oem roof rails, but these racks are cool though

  20. I had to go buy a new truck because of these videos. Heading to Breck in July for some weekenderlanding bring on some more videos!

  21. Not a fan. The Prinsu looked so much better. Great video though.

  22. Thanks for the review. Which rack system do u like better w the moonroof?

  23. Mike, I haven鈥檛 noticed you testing any camp ovens. I鈥檝e been seriously considering one. Do you have any camp ovens you could review?

  24. Great videos! You are one of the fist places I go do check out review on gear. On your amazon influencer program how do I know it gives you credit? I was going to order the baja designs amber fog lights for my Tacoma and wanted to give you credit for it!

  25. Your videos are always informative and entertaining! I have to compliment you on your Tacoma鈥檚 appearance. If that鈥檚 a camouflage wrap where can I get one for mine? I have a white 2019 TRD Pro that looks good, but that camo is great!

  26. Any plans for more weekender lander videos coming up? Miss the truck videos man. They are the best

  27. You know you can flip the wind deflector over to not show the logo, I did on mine

  28. I love my 2020 TRD Pro army green but your black multi cam wrap is awesome! I have a KC M rack with the Pro6 and you鈥檙e going to love them can鈥檛 wait to see what your thoughts are on those lights. I am a junkie of your videos thanks for being my dealer lol.

  29. Can hardly wait to see how the bed cover works with the bed rack!

  30. I could not live without my front runner and table so worth the money

  31. I just bought a roof tent for my Subaru brat but I don鈥檛 know what type of rack I should get for it. Do you possibly have any recommendations? I have the 1981 first gen

  32. Thank you for getting memorial day right.

  33. Wow that Tacoma looks so sick with fancy army wrapping.

  34. Dang, MB hats are gone already…

  35. What sunglasses are those?

  36. Love the look of those wheels…I looked at them a while ago -but reviews said they were heavy heavy and some rust issues! Let me know what you think.

  37. I鈥檇 like to punch this guy in his stupid face.

  38. Wth, I just order a diamondback 2 weeks ago and now they got a better looking one.

  39. you drive an Automatic or Manuel? I heard jeeps performance better with Manuel trans.

  40. Interested in the kc video. Been thinking about adding it to my truck.

  41. Great looking rack but don鈥檛 like that drop for the crossbars on front runner, so I went with the K9 rack and really like it. I can mount things flat on it.

  42. Are you kidding me lol? They come out with a kit that won鈥檛 void any warranties and that the companies vouch for 1 week after I buy and installation KBVoodoo rack. Great lol.

  43. Which 5.11 tactical pants do you recommend the most? I want to buy one but i can't decide

  44. Can you make a glk 19 /tlr1 holster. Please

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