WHICH BUDGET BACKPACKING TENT? (6 Shelters I use for Wild Camping)

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Which Budget Backpacking Tent to use? Trev has a look at the 6 lightweight wild camping tents that he uses the most for his wild camps and and wild camping exploits!

So, we are allowed to camp again and the nation will rush out to the hills, but have you got a tent to use? Which tent is the…


  1. My tents

    Marmot Force 1p. 2lb packed ultra light for long hikes and multi day backpacking. Small tent.

    Sierra Designs Meteor Lite 2p. Great 2p tent for single or two day backpacking. About 4lbs packed.

    Marmot Fortress 3p. 3 plus season tent tuat is a full fabric canopy. 7lbs packed. This is my absolute favorite tent for colder nights and for car camping. Way more durable that most backpacking tents.

    Marmot UpHigh 2p. 5lb packed mountineering tent. Great winter tentm breaks pretty much all wind chill. Fantastic for winter, late fall and early spring. Poor ventilation though and I would not use it in summer.

    Marmot Orbit 4p. Huge heavy 18lb car camping tent. Like 80sqft for car camping and allows people to fully stand up. Huge vestibule front porch. Use it with the family.

    Marmot Mantis 3p. We use this wierd tent for some car camping and for concerts, festivals etc. 7lb tent and has a front porch area.

  2. You get what you pay for. The oex already ripped and was brand new.

  3. You need to strim the edge of your lawn Trev.

  4. Lanshan 1 Pro (for gentler conditions). 700g plus stakes and trekking pole. £100. Really pleased with mine, (so far) – used it for stealth camping in the woods during the current hysteria.
    For harsher conditions, another 'mid', the Luxe Hexpeak V4A plus a suitable AliExpress inner. About £160 total, under 1.1kg plus stakes and trekking pole. A bit fiddly to setup but this has kept me safe and comfortable in nasty weather for the last 5 years.
    Still looking for a freestanding option – was tempted by the Naturehike Vik 1 but less so after your excellent review! Top contender is the Tarptent Scarp 1 but it's not a budget option (although not the most expensive either).

  5. Those birds really screaming 😂

  6. its too in tents for me

  7. Where’s the best place to store camping gear? In a shed or indoors? Loving the videos

  8. Great vlog Trev always informative. I’ve been using a jack wolf skin gossamer 1 which has been great even in winter in Scotland. We could always wild camp in that hair mate!

  9. Very good "overview" video…like it muchly. You have to wonder, however, how much longer we will be able to purchase tents, etc, from China the way things are going at present (Hong Kong, Huawei, possible cyber wars, etc.) Keep safe, keep healthy and keep sane. Cheers. Ken

  10. Regarding the statement about tarps "you can't close off one of these", yes you can. There are dozens of ways to configure a tarp including some that make it completely enclosed. It's even possible to have part of the tarp as a floor. Plenty of good videos on YouTube showing ways to set up a tarp.

  11. Cracking vid as always. Got banshee for winter and flame creed ( green lanshan 2) for summer, both brilliant

  12. you should have bought a Tripod before Tents

  13. Great video mate, you got a sub from me 👍 It's good to see someone else has a thing for having loads of tents as well 😂 looking forward to watching more of your videos. All the best. Adam

  14. Really great video buddy! was planning to do some hiking and bivouacking in the pyrenees this summer. Probs wont happen anymore but for that trip i got the vango cairngorm 200. Theres a 1 and 3 man version 2. They are basically the banshee but with doors on each side. The two man is around 2kg and seems a solid tent. If you were interested!

  15. Currently camping in Cumbria with my dawg. Guess which tent? Ha the Nature Hike cloud up 2 I won. It's blowing an absolute Hoolie. Holding up well, although I've been careful in choosing sheltered spot. Just about enough room for me and large dog. Good tent. My only issue with it is the door. I have arthritis. It's much easier getting in and out of a banshee type door for me.

  16. You should have a look at some of the mid tents from Aliexpress like the Astagear Windwhisper 2 , First snow and Rainstorm tents , I have just ordered the Windwhisper 2 and a down quilt . Glad to hear your partner in crime is returning .

  17. They say you buy cheap you buy twice, well I was paying good money and still buying twice. I admit it was my fault probably and not the gear, however I am now looking to do it on a budget. Just got a Coleman darwin 2, hope it is OK, the weight doesn't seem too bad for the price paid.

  18. I used to have a Vango Banshee 200 but I didn't like it. The build quality was good but I'm 6'2" and the tent was too short. If I had rain overnight I would wake up with either wet feet or a wet head so I got rid and replaced it (after considerable research) with another Vango – but I bought a Tempest 200 and that definitely is long enough. I like this tent and I've spent many a comfortable night in it. I plan to keep using it for several more years. I agree with your comment about the tent's stuff sack: I don't have to struggle to get the tent into it. My only criticism is that the tent is a shade too low at its highest point so that when I sit up inside it my head brushes the top of the inner. However, I don't get wet as the gap between the inner and the fly is big enough, I hope that has been addressed with the newer models.

  19. Think I have found my new favourite channel.

    Going to go for the Vango after seeing you videos. I don’t do a lot of tent camping more Bushcraft camping using tarp and shelters but decided to go down the tent route so the missus can enjoy camping a bit more.

    Great channel mate keep up the great work.

  20. Had the VB 200 and 300 but now traded them for the Vango Xenom UL2+,A huge tent yet surprisingly lighter than the Banshee 300,albeit at a cost.

  21. BASICALLY: budget tension tents: 3F UL; budget free-standing tents: Naturehike!
    One budget Chinese tent configuration that doesn't get anywhere near enough attention & love is the 3F UL 3-person tipi pyramid (variation of the WickiUp / Shangri-la) that uses two walking sticks & a connector or buy a pole for it. The fly can be bought for £100 and is about 800 grams, add in a single-person inner (about £40 & 500 grams) and you have for under a kilo and a half and uner £150 a mansion (160 cm inside) vast storage & cooking area and you can swap the inners for summer & winter camping.

  22. And just think all the money spent on a group of naff tents you coulda bought one excellent one.

  23. I endorse the comment on looking up pa pa hiker

  24. Hi Trev stop messing about with bin bags and get a proper tent Hilleberg Soulo 1 man Tent £790 LOL cheers Jc.

  25. Good video. I'm a big fan of the Lanshan 1.

  26. That's a nice round up. I do wonder what will happen to OEX if GO goes under. Will it be another lost British brand…whatever happened to British Layland…Tandy…Woolworths…? 🤔

  27. Great video. I recomend to buy the winter inner and footprint for the lanshan 2. And to use small aircraft aliminium carbinners on the guy ropes from the trekking poles. Just to extend the life of the tabs due to friction of the rough and toigh cordage. Can't wait to see you out again and I hope with Nathan. Oh I would love to see a collabration with you and Ash outdoors. Take care and be safe. Xxx

  28. I bought the Cloud up 2 based on your videos. Finally, things are looking up and I cant wait to get out there now and try it very soon.

  29. Can you/anyone recommend some good hiking poles that won’t cost me and arm and leg? Are they worth the money? I have seen many people say they love them, yet when I pass a lot of people of trails they usually are strapped to their backs.

  30. Thanks for the video. You said that you had to add an extra guy point to one of your tents. I want to do this to a cheap tent that I've just bought; there's no guy point at its apex (just 2 at the sides). How did you add the extra guy point? Cheers!

  31. Great video trev, I’m with you there, love my lanshan, however I do love the tarp camping, especially in winter 😊 thanks as always for sharing mate.
    All the best
    Ash 🏕

  32. Well you do have a good selection… I have one off brand budget tent I bought several years ago and it seems to work well enough but to ensure that I stay dry the last couple time I used it I set it up between some trees and ridge lined a tarp over it… A little more piece of mind in the rain and it gives me a bit of porch to keep the sun off and sit under… Looking forward to your next wild camp Trev…

  33. Wow I thought I had a tent fetish! I feel better now! Lol

  34. Gotta love a SON gear review 👍

  35. You don’t half have an air of Ade Edmonson about you 😂 class videos and can’t wait to get out again properly! Just got the MSR Elixir one man so hoping that gets me through some rough nights up the mountains! Top man keep up the good work 👍🏼⛺️

  36. Nice work as always Trev. My tent of choice is the Vango F10 Helium UL 2. Cracking tent👍🏻

  37. We recently got one called desert fox 2. About 2.2kg, has double doors/vestibules and one side has a kind of lift up door which you can prop up with sticks to make an open porch. Very easy to erect.

  38. Another good video trev. U said a tarp tent not having a floor. I've just ordered a 1 man tent inner from 3f ul gear Waterproof floor, mosquito fabric and tie off points for walking poles like a bivi design. Somthing like that might help for tarp camping 👍

  39. The DD tarp – set it up tipi style & you completely closed off from elements.

  40. Great video as usual.
    I use a vango Banshee 200 and mine has 2 doors. I can't tell you how old it is because a got it second hand. It's not the pro and it still has the orange inner. I'm just thinking yours must be an earlier model. I also use a Nevis 200 which is a great little tent and feels slightly roomier than the Banshee and is a similar design as the wind country Zephyros with one main pole.
    Thanks for the video.

  41. I have an Alpkit ordos 2 – bit pricey but love it and weighs 2.8lbs also have an old single pole dome tent ultimate by ultimate, weighs 2.5 lbs slept up on top of mont blanc in it – well when i said sleep it was more of panic we weren't going to get blown of the mountain 😬

  42. hi, whats the internal measurements of the lanshan 1? I am 6'4 and use the trekology UL 80 pad so raises me off the ground 10cm

  43. A nice collection there Trev. You can never have to many tents…! Roll on the 4TH July. Stand by.. Stand by.. See you in the hills.

  44. Nice one Trev. I've been enjoying your channel during lockdown. Thanks for introducing me to Naturehike. I just got the Mongar and the sleeping bag, better quality than I would have otherwise been able to afford. Stay cool.

  45. Vango helvellyn 200, my tent of choice, but mostly hammock an tarp for me mate, so much more comfortable, great review Trev namaste 🙏

  46. Looking to do the West Highland way on the 15th if Scotland opens up as planned. Trying to decide between the lanshan 2 flames creed or the DD Superlight tarp

  47. Cant wait to try my lanshan 2 and review it on here. Been out in my olpro pioneer a few times

  48. I do need a tent in about a month. Helpful content.

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