We’re Going On A Bear Hike

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FORMER biologist Joel Rosenthal has achieved a lifelong dream – by regularly hiking with his pet bears through the wilderness. At Point of View Farm in West Virginia, 74-year-old Joel lives with five black bears and can go months on end… 2021199

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  1. If I could live the way he does, i would love to. If i did have the money to I would. I respect him. He's a champion 🏆

  2. "I prefer ANY animal to humans." I'm sorry but is this me in the future?

  3. i honestly don't understand the point of hunting for sport. why is hunting even legal?

  4. Oooooh i think sex is probably better than hiking with bears i'm sorry

  5. He is a damn lie bout the sex an money part but that's him 😂

  6. When one of the bear’s name is koda ;))

  7. that what i do not like about some human they all ways trying to hurt the animals leave them alone this guy is so cool god bless him

  8. Joel is an inspiration and a real wild life warrior I hope he continues to keep these beautiful bears safe for as long as he can .😊

  9. After 32 years in the military I target shoot but hunting has no appeal to me. I just really prefer animals to people any day.

  10. I want a bear as a pet, but it's too dangerous, I'm gonna wait till the. Bear will be as domesticated as a dog is… And this will be pretty soon in a few years

  11. Majestic animals…why would anyone Hunt??? Except only what we need to sustain ourselves…..
    Human Beings should learn to take care of the Garden we have been blessed with.

  12. Not even sex dam 🥺🤣

  13. “All the statistics bear that out”- i like what you did there.

  14. That guy lives in my area and you can actually volunteer and help him take care of the animals he rescues

  15. This guy gets it.. Help them, set them free.

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