Vehicle Bug Out Gear – Ultimate Lighting & Power Solution for Camping Vehicle Bug Out Gear

Vehicle Bug Out Gear – Ultimate Lighting & Power Solution for Camping Vehicle Bug Out Gear

I’ve been holding off on adding self sustaining power solutions to my car camping vehicle bug out system until I found something that fit all my criteria. It has to be durable, long lasting, multi…


  1. I now have two of these lights….they are awesome and well worth the money. Use them in the garage more than in the camp….which surprised me. Very well made.

  2. "Robust" is my new favorite word. Now to get my girlfriend to use this word in the bedroom.;)

  3. Hey man I've been enjoying your shows for a long time now . I don't have a comment other than I must like your show cuz I've been watching it so long that it now goes without saying among my friends cuz all my friends have heard me talk about you. I do have a question though . The free spirit lighting system that you demonstrated, I went and bought two of them and I like them but now I have a question . I'm working on an idea. How much power does the USB port on these emit , and how long will it sustain said power , whatever it's putting out , would you happen to know ? You've obviously used one a lot so I'm hoping your going to say, yeah I know, 10 watts or at least close . It may power a unit I am thinking about running with it. If I can figure this out your going to get a kick out of this.

  4. Pricey, but well worth every penny I think. Definitely putting one of these on my wishlist!

  5. At 15w it is basically the same as a lamp at your home with LEDs…but with solar, a tripod, riser.

  6. $279. looks good, but a little pricey

  7. This looks like a well thought out piece of equipment. This would be great at home as well as out in the bush! I just bought their table that you have and can’t wait till it gets here. It will be perfect in my Jeep TJ! Thanks for the great info!

  8. Finding my way around your videos:) I can't get enough of your channel man keep up the amazing videos brother man

  9. That light is prolly one of the best I have seen….someone was thinking when they came up with that….nice.

  10. Hi, I be interested in your long term experience and thoughts of this light?

  11. Great review!! Thanks for the in-depth common sense review of the gear you use.

  12. I saw you use this in a lot of your new JKU videos, and well yeah I had to order two for my JK. I hope you got that Rotopax mount coming soon. Keep up the awesome videos!

  13. Hello from New Zealand,Great Video and product.I have lived through over a month of no electricity power at all and that's in the main city of Christchurch in the South island of New Zealand after the 2011 Feb 22 Earthquake and the following ten thousand or so aftershocks with many many power blackouts. A product like this is worth it's weight in gold and well thought out.Thanks for sharing.

  14. That's a serious bit of kit, brilliant recommendation mate. No more spending on batteries and kerosene. For anyone looking for one they're here –

  15. Going to grab one of these. Excellent. Thanks for the head's up!

  16. That's a pretty sweet light unit. Thanks for sharing!!!

  17. The features of the light are fantastic. Solar charging, detachable individual lights, usb charging, etc. All batteries eventually go bad and will no longer hold a charge. Are the lithium ion batteries replaceable?

  18. Thanks for the review very interesting product.

  19. Very cool product. I'll share the info

  20. Hey new to your channel have you done a video on your SUV and it's features

  21. Only thing I see as an issue is the connectors for the legs. Have a Christmas tree with the same connectors. Cracks over time from the leverage of the pressure applied to them. Carbon fiber or metal connectors would be more durable and not add much if any weight.

  22. Nice piece of gear. Love the area you guys camp in.

  23. Very cool.  I will definitely check that out.

  24. That is cool!Those individual lights look a lot like these. I have been using these with some rechargeable batteries I found at Costco.I am sick of batteries!

  25. Casey, I may have to unsubscribe you and Jason, or come out of retirement and become a Walmart greeter so I can afford to buy all of the cool stuff y'all come up with. Please. do not buy a bushcraft helicopter, lol.

  26. That seems very col worth the $300 investment. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Yep, that is cool. Can't say much more. I must have it . Nice cameo by Primal Outdoors at the end there. Amazing when you catch those unscripted moments

  28. What a great piece of equipment. I love it! Thanks for sharing this!

  29. Great video and very nice pice of kit. Thanks for the info.

  30. Casey.. That is so cool! I really like the way that you are able to bring the aspect of modern equipment and technique to marry with the skills of old school bushcraft and survival. It's so important to utilize the tools and gear at our disposal but still be able to maintain the ability to walk off and survive in the most basic primitive elements when needed. Full circle my friend! MBS forever!!! Bill

  31. Light is over-rated. LOL! Nice set-up. TY for sharing.

  32. Great review. Thank you.

  33. how does it handle windy conditions? is there a easy way to anchor the tripods feet in place?

  34. Now that is just cool. I can see that in my kit for sure. Thanks for testing to see how long the charge lasts and how long it takes to recharge it.

  35. Pretty cool! 😀 👍🏼 ❤️ 🇺🇸

  36. I actually was considering asking you if you ever considered a solar panel for power but I was thinking more along the lines of a small 1 or 2 battery bank with an inverter to supply both lights and power to charge your tablet or what not or even jump a car, but this works lol

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