Trekking / Hiking- "How to" with LEKI poles

Rick Deutsch is “Mr Half Dome,” having written the only guide book on it. (Up 41 times.) The use of adjustable poles for trekking or hiking helps people with stability and balance, aids going uphill and provides knee relief coming downhill.

Proper use of poles is needed to gain the maximum… 116220

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  1. Very informative and useful.

  2. You need to change the red from the right to the left, like boating laws over the whole world, and the poles are always behind you going forward, learn and you will get better

  3. Rick, I learned several important things about my Leki poles in just the first few minutes so, thank you for this video! I'm wondering if there is a purpose for the top of the poles having rounded handles. Is there a time when you use the top of the handles to push off with?

  4. Thanks Rick. Entirely helpful especially as I did not know about the left/right strap. I just taped my poles and my wife's poles. In my case, I use white tape as it rhymes with right.

  5. This was an awesome video. I just bought a set of collapsible poles for a trip to Scandinavia, so seeing what to do on differing terrain was especially helpful. I would love to see a video on what tips to use in different snow vs walking on concrete.

  6. You are Mindless fool best way I can put it

  7. thanks Rick for a very intuitive video, bought the varios and too be honest couldn't figure them out, now sorted and also the use thanks again

  8. Thank you so much! Directions were not clear. Could not figure out which direction the caps went, or how to lengthen the straps! Thanks so much for helping me succeed in getting fit with these Leki Poles. Happy Trails!

  9. Very informative and detailed. I use to hike without trekking poles, I now would not hike without them. They have saved me from many trips and falls. Good job on the video!

  10. Better to keep the little plastic bits on than putting them in the environment:)

  11. Hi Rick, great instructional video. Make it a great day.

  12. Rick, thanks for the very detailed instruction, which is what I need! I have the Leki Micro Vario TI Cor-Tec Lady trekking poles. I can't figure out which is Left and which is Right. The straps don't have an obvious L or R. They are black and white graphic print ribbon. Any ideas?

  13. Yosemite is closed due to the fire. Might have to hike north of there with my new Kelty 2.0 poles.

  14. Thank you Rick, We’ll be walking with more confidence, with the new Leki’s. Very instructive!

  15. Great video! Is this the same technique (more or less) that you would use with a single pole? I am a photographer, and can't keep my camera ready with two poles.

  16. Thank you Rick. So many videos about how to use trekking poles and you are the only one I found who knows how to use them properly, especially about the straps. So many "experts" out there showing the improper way in their video, which just so pathetic.

  17. Hi great Vid. Keep Up the great Work

  18. Well done. Thanks for all the good video info on trekking poles.

  19. I bought pools for snow and ice because I walk to work. but I'm having trouble finding videos on how to use on snow and ice. can you help me thank you

  20. 68 y.o., rode hard, put away wet, for years…ex-military, football, pee wee thru college, heavy(dumb) wt training,etc….s/p L TKR(probably need R, sometime). Anyway, retired to Sedona AZ, where there are MANY beautiful trails. Ordered some Leki poles, in attempt to keep up with my wife who's a real road warrior; hope they help with going down on the trails, as that's when I get problems with the knees. Thanks for the vid-think it will be very helpful.

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