Top 10 Must Have Hiking Gear You Should Have For Your Next Adventure

Top 10 Must Have Hiking Gear You Should Have For Your Next Adventure

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***Best Hiking Gear Review:

Best Hiking Gear List:-
1. Garmin fenix 5 Plus 11:34
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  1. Can you do a Top gear for small kids to go on a outdoor exploration trip. Real stuff but for kids

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  3. My "trekking pole" is a well-seasoned 57" piece of Barton Creek cedar.

  4. Rapid pole deployment, surely that's the Polish airbourne

  5. I'd say this Video is for Luxurious hikers. product advertisement motive rather than hiking education.

  6. Hi, I am curious how I can get you to review my product?

  7. Having the right gear can make a significant difference in the success of your trek. Thanks.

  8. None of this is must have what the fuck

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  10. Do you guys have a portable landing pad with solar lighting for Unicorns?

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  14. stainless steel, you mean garbage metal that is very soft? Wow, Perfect metal to make tools with!

  15. Bunch of ads put together. Who needs a screwdriver on a hike ?

  16. Ur tools if in my country, the price make me so sad.

  17. what music or song is that at 09:14 TNF Venture Jacket?

  18. Bad advertising, all this brands is irrelevant in hiking. If you are mountaineer, brand is more important, but when you hike it's not. Waste of money, all you need is good shoes, rucksack, poles and good will.

  19. Beautiful video.

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  20. heading out doors and hiking / camping is a great way to relax and enjoy life. love the video. i get all my out door gear at

  21. Garmin forgot something for their watch. They didn't include a Translation App for hikers crossing into lands where their language is barely spoken. That comes in handy when you have to communicate with the locals that have never been outside their community. wherever that may be.


  23. Great content!! Pls go watch my hiking adventure >>

  24. Love the trekking poles. NOT. I always pick up two limbs. Once I reach camp, one becomes a tent pole and the other fire wood. ?

  25. I only saw at MOST 3 must have products ?

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  27. Pretty useful, of the camping products out there.

  28. Interesting video)

    Man, you should see this android app for hiking! It's beautiful!

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  29. Top 10 waste of money not needed items on a hike.

  30. Great video, it has an amazing production! I would like to add some value with these tech tips to find the most beautiful trails near you sorry if it bothers though!

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