This Box is Packed! – Viewer Mail Episode #74

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Today Luke and Susie are opening some awesome packages from our friends and we simply can’t believe the…


  1. I think the most important thing you get from your viewers cant be put in a box. You get our admiration and appreciation for what you do with every upload. Thanks to you both!

  2. Wow!!! I had a truck I named Moose. It was a ’61 International model D forestry truck, 425 3 speed two wheel drive. The joke was in 1st it could probably climb a phone pole. Coffee… I like Folgers freeze dried instant, but have been drinking Walmarts “Best Buy” instant. However… nothing like a good perculated pot of coffee. Be safe, love your videos.

  3. Egotistical
    More like narcissist

  4. Used to live up there! You and Susie remind me of the type of folks up there that I really miss, and wish I could be back up there. Your videos are really making me homesick, my area was around Asheville. Truly do like your videos, keep them coming!

  5. Those Estwing hatchets…amazing value. You got a good gift there. I'll get nailed for saying this but I kinda prefer Estwings to Gransfors.

  6. Thank you both for keeping the positive videos coming .Being in North Carolina myself, there are certainly a multitude of enchanting wilds to adventure. Our grand babies (3 & 4) are gonna "camp out" on our wooded property. Great time to start teaching them about the land. God bless

  7. Come on Luke, what was in the first box! You didn't show us the goodies. Oh well, I enjoyed it as always, thank you. S&H

  8. That's where you go. The woods. I totally agree.

  9. Dang you just had to say it didn't you. I am so freaking sick of hearing that phrase. We're NOT all in this together. Not me…

  10. Very cool and stay safe!

  11. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun… Reminds me when I lived in Colorado, one of the best places in the world 🙂

  12. I would like to get my hands on some of the good stuff that you show on your vids . I for some reason always liked that survival gear but the good ones like a good tent that doesn't rip so eazy keeps you nice and dry and the sleeping bags to iv seen some good water proof sleeping bags and I always liked backpacks I have a big thing about backpacks lol ever since I lived on the streets iv learned about good equipment from backpacks to tents to knife's to bigger knives and good fire starters . But I never get enough money built up for anything I like my money goes to my family and kids after that I'm done nothing to spend with lol .

  13. Ooh Rah Luke and Susan! Good to know that what you've invested your lives into doesn't go unnoticed ! As always, thank for what you're doing!

  14. Stay safe til this stuff is over.

  15. Coffee I pick a brand and buy the tea bag style. Dip in Hot water til you get the darkness you like.. If it's too strong oops. If to weak dip again

  16. I always like your pros and cons on the items you use.

  17. Love your videos, but especially love you guys! You all are the genuine thing when it comes to people and channels on YouTube and social media. Don’t change a thing!

  18. Luke if you are looking at these comments thank you very much.
    My question to you is When will your brother join you again on another hike

  19. I'm going fishing at the beach

  20. where the shed at Luke I love see you work on it maybe put a door on and a window in it

  21. Love you both stay strong for each other and be safe too we love you'll. 🙂 You both are super together so awesome love the story's so much for everything.. 🙂 You help me live through your awesome camping and hiking adventures. 🙂 As soon as I can shall make a few items I thought of for you'll. Hugs Toni g. 🙂

  22. Hello Luke Family And Friends How Are You All Doing? Love The Videos. Hope One Day To Meet You And Your Beautiful Wife Susan 🔥🔥🔥🔥👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽🥰🥰🥰 That Would Be A Nice Birthday 🎁 7/8/2020 I Will Be 52 Be Safe 🥰🙏🏾😷

  23. I'm just a viewer but not a subscriber please don't be offended. Anyways I watched your video alot, you show how realistic world adventure bushcraft, back packing hike and so on can be. Show what work and don't work certain situations. Keep up the good work.

    Up in Canada we get fine for trails hiking.

  24. I will always trust your reviews, why, because you are not trying to sell me anything.

  25. it was good to see all your fan mail and what you give us as viewers is life changing in my state they have closed all state and federal lands to camping we are only able to hike as long as we maintain at minumum a 6’ ft between us and that your hiking with your immediate family or by your self so being able to watch your videos as well as all of the others that i follow i amble to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors and the views of the outdoors from all of yours and theres hiking and camping areas stay healthy and safe and thanks for the countinues remiders and incouragement you give us.

  26. in Australia they closed all camp grounds and national parks….. so bad we are all stuck at home.

  27. Thanks again for the video. I have been going out into the woods but.. the logging companies are closing the bush as many folks are damaging salmon rivers and leaving garbage everywhere so the companies are locking up roads etc.. I don't blame them as I have seen the damage first hand. Sad to see.

  28. I work in a prison. I bet I could get y’all some state coffee that Luke wouldn’t like. Make Tasters Nasty seem like a gourmet coffee.

  29. I'm in Northern Illinois too.

  30. ok now do another video where you show us what was in the 2 boxes you didn't show us lol

  31. Hi Luke and Suezy , well we cant go anywhere unless a wee walk no more than 2 kms from our home, but we can go to the grocery store, so water blasting the drive way and the fence is a good option in the lockdown, stay safe my brother from another mother and you to sue"s thanks again , love this channel

  32. I have found Starbucks Via instant is good, but once I saw your review of the collapsible spiral pour over filter system, that is the go to coffee system. Love your honest reviews and congrats to Lucas.

  33. Never tried their hatchet but have several of there hammers ( love em ). Please do a review of the hatchet

  34. I must admit that the quarantine has slowed down many lives including ours. I've come to appreciate what I have at home, a loving wife and best friend, a dog and two cats who love us unconditionally (as long as they get fed of course:). Prior to this Covid-19 our lives were going at mach speed and we would often ask each other what day it was. Now time seems to be available for many of the tasks that were on hold for another day. I've been able to go through every gear bin, range bag, bug out bag, get home bag and closets and organize everything. I'm finding gear I forgot I had keeping me from ordering replacements. However, June 10th or whatever the day it is that we are allowed out can't come soon enough. My overland and backpacking gear is piled under my desk ready for the next adventure. In the meantime, Luke, you and Susan help to fill that awful void…many of us live vicariously through your adventures. You deserve the gifts, given lovingly, and the praise bestowed. God bless you and your family.

  35. Some really cool stuff! You deserve it!

  36. Keep doing what you all do good from Jeffrey Flynn from Seymour tn

  37. I would so be down for a Taster's Nasty tattoo!!!!!

  38. Parks are even closed for camping, i live in high rise housing. I have a new tent! ☹️😩

  39. The country duo Montgomery Gentry referred to their fans as "our friends" since they depended on those friends to help them earn a living. Those two fellas did just that: they earned the devotion of their followers and "friends". Their music was fun and spoke to core values, and just like them, you earn the respect and trust of your online friends. Strength and honor are noble and respected traits. We all appreciate what you do, who you are, and how you live. God bless you and yours with abundant happiness, and may this channel never be work. So far, it doesn't seem to be. Peace to you all.

  40. I’ve had an Estwing hatchet and camp axe for 30 years. Awesome products.

  41. I just contacted a person who lives in Shang hi and he said everything is pretty well back to normal over there

  42. Opinions on " Beautiful " vary!

  43. This and many other vids show the love of you two and the followers who can give back !

  44. Suzy and Luke, must be like Christmas morning every week. We appreciate all of your honest reviews!

  45. Hey, I am a fan. You guys are better entertainment than most tv shows. I look forward to your next video. Thank you both.

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