The Three Passes Trek – Everest trekking – Nepal's toughest Everest-region hike

Hank Leukart and his friend Susan take on the difficult Three Passes trek in Nepal’s Khumbu region, hiking over Renjo La, Cho La, and Kongma La, and visiting Everest Base Camp and Ama Dablam Base Camp.


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  1. Nice movie, Hank. Thanks for the effort. It brought good memories of my trip in 1992. Three of us tried to get over Kongama La without a guide from the other direction and missed the pass, getting instead to a nearby pass that you couldn't climb down from! Holy shit, that was a long day, because we decided we needed to walk back down to Dingboche, I think it was. One of the longest hiking days of my life. It's funny that the effort is a big part of the event in the moment. But 20 years later, that's not what I remember! The mountains, the stories, the people. I'm loving the travel life, and I follow you on Instagram, too. Fun to see what you're up to. Keep at it!

  2. How is kongma ? I have not been there.

  3. We are planning a trek this Sept-Oct. Do you think trail runners would be sufficient, or boots are required? We are planning for the EBC as a part of our 4-month around the world adventure, and want to be lean about our pack weight. Also, any suggestions of making reservations at those tea houses? Thanks!

  4. Hi hank, as always one another best vlog of yours. Same entertainment same energy as that of your ebc trek with your bro. I like and enjoy the way how you present it with a smile always on your face even though it's a tougher one. I 100% agree to your words about leaving our usual life and experiencing something new and beautiful as this one. Great work hank. Keep rocking.

  5. This is wonderful. Thank you for the video šŸ™‚

  6. could you have done the trek the other way around – EBC first? Ive read that way is a bit easier. Either way, well done! ps. love that sense of humour Hank, made me laugh

  7. Awesome our Nepal your Nepal love you from Nepal

  8. I found your channel today and just really enjoy your videos. Totally envious of you. Iā€™m very curious to see if you ever want to climb and summit Everest?

  9. May I know which month exactly did you take up this trek?

  10. The planes will be safe as long as they were not made in China if they were start praying.

  11. Thanks for visiting Nepal.Hope you enjoyed.Hope make trip to other place of Nepal too lots of place to view

  12. Great video, thanks for sharing.
    I did the EBC back in December and had a very different experience, the trail was so quiet and many tea houses were closed, but it was an incredible experience. Being December I also had it a little colder than you did, I awoke in my room one morning with ice on my sleeping bag, apparently it dropped to -12 that night… inside! Would not have had it any different though.
    I also worked the Chola Pass into my trip but did it the opposite direction to you guys and I'm so glad I did it that direction, I do not envy anyone who has to climb out of Gokyo.
    I would love to go back and do the Three Passes route one day.
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Hi Frank loved the video well done guys šŸ™‚ am planning on doing the three passes this year bit would like to also do EBC we did it last year but would like to see it again and spend a day or two extra this time as we had limited time last year, is it possible to tag EBC on and would you say its best to do it on the way up or the way down.? the Three passes looks amazing wow blown away by the scenery i thought EBC was epic am super excited thanks and take care Gareth

  14. Hi Hank, thanks for this video,lot of work!!! nice you made it in 15days šŸ˜‰
    can you send me contact on Karma Sherpa? My friend is going to Nepal and I like this guy, can be nice to give him more work šŸ˜‰
    thank you!!!
    Best regards, Pete

  15. love the video and the trek you went through. looks like pretty tough. next year i am planning going back to nepal for the third time. this time i am planning to go to Mera peak. just wondering, if i could get information about your guide. he is seemed pretty nice guy and friendly. if you could email me his information, i would really appreciate it. my email:

  16. awesome video… thanks for sharing..

  17. Good video did that a lot of years ago takes me back well done, Its been emotional

  18. Three pass trek, certainly on my top list. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Amazing video šŸ‘. But why do you keep talking about dying and not making it after every 5 minutes šŸ˜„

  20. Wonderful video. I am amazed at the physical condition you two must be in. God Bless!

  21. Awesome video. Would love to walk there too. I totally understand why many of those places are so important for the people living there and that some of those mountains are holy. It looks just amazing. And the music fits perfect and giving it something extra like the music from the lords of the ring did too. Love it guys šŸ™‚

  22. My compliments on a very nice video that was thoughtfully put together. I am curious as to what kind of video/photography gear you used. The 40 pound packs sounds pretty heavy for a trek that doesn't involve camping, and I didn't notice you carrying crampons or an ice axe (perhaps I just missed them). I'm guessing the photo/video gear was a significant burden, but you certainly put it to good use.

  23. Can I ask why you did the trail clockwise?

  24. We have been heading to this area every 10 years since 98. Going to miss it this year, but hope to make it back soon. Thanks for bringing back some memories. Adding our support to fellow trekkers and creators. Absolutely beautiful!

  25. Hi
    Awesome film !
    Iā€™m doing the 3 passes early April 2019 . What down jacket was it you were wearing ? Struggling to know what fill power I should go for . Thanks in advance

  26. Great video, thanks for sharing! is it possible to do this trek alone with maps? also is it possible to contact the guide independently? thanks again!

  27. Hank – you are hilarious! And this is a really good video šŸ™‚

  28. Yes ! You are right bro šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ the menu are crezy šŸ¤—šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘

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