1. you're reviews are too long! i have to skip a lot then i realize i wasted my time. short and sweet buddy!

  2. Yeah I paid over $150 for my sleeping bag and the compression sack sucks, almost couldn't get the bag back in the sack and after the 30 minutes of fighting with it I ended up taking it back out and putting it in the bottom of my overnight backpack. Deff not worth the $169.99, I've gotten better sleeping bags at Walmart for $30. Live and learn right lol

  3. I thought you said Toe anus and after that the video became very amusing. I hate those bright neon colors, even when I got myself a switch I picked grey, I usually go black, red, grey, camo, desert for colors on things.

  4. Thank you kind sir✌️

  5. I'm losing it over the missing glove finger

  6. Could you use that outside pocket to store your water filter overnight and prevent it from freezing? Or would it not stay warm enough?

  7. Did you have any issues with the zipper?

  8. Any sleeping bag with a zip can be used as a quilt. A quilt is basically a narrow sleeping bag with the hood and zip removed without the price benefit. Yes, I'm a cynic.

  9. Hey Luke, the "transition" range (marked as "limit") is "comfort limit" – this is considered to be a temperature which works for an average well fed man in thermal clothing. The "comfort" is the temperature which works for an average well fed women in thermal clothing.
    But in general – I would agree, there are many more characteristics which can affect the range. Are you a back or side sleeper. Do you sleep in the same position the whole night or tend to turn from one side to another. Is it humid conditions or not.
    I personally find thick synthetic bags much warmer than down or "synthetic-down" (like primaloft) bags having the same comfort range temperature.
    Thus, I would sometimes better go with heavier sleeping bag knowing that the weight I am carrying will then serve me a good service by having a deep night-long refreshing sleep.

  10. What is the best tent to buy that will sleep 8 people and still have room to move around? All the tents that I get doesn’t last all that long and I just about have to buy a new one every year. And it gets really old

  11. what compression sack would you use?

  12. Wait, you leave the sleeping bag at home or the compression sack? Kinda confused at your terminology.

  13. I love your channel brother. Have you ever looked at a recon 5 sleeping bag?

  14. I made my bag and black was the only color I would consider. Anything with down in it, I want to dry quickly in the sun.

  15. $400.00 MSRP is why so much gear is still made in China.

  16. I can see it for car camping. Not realy for backpacking. Great video, very informative. Thanks Luke

  17. Bright enough to be used as a signal device for search and rescue.. not a color option I would even consider .. I have a 5×7 blaze orange survival blanket that stays packed for that oh no moment . Bright colors are obtrusive to natural surroundings

  18. Hey Luke, somebody needs to make a good tent in camouflage.

  19. Luke
    Please recommend a larger tent for outdoor camping with stove hole
    More longterm
    Please can u help
    I asked Kent survival but no reply
    I have an idea
    Wot do u think

  20. Tried one, and it was nowhere near 20degrees.. Closer to a 40-35 degree bag, and I'm a very warm sleeper.

  21. I think you're a bit harsh on the colouring without giving points for why that has been happening. Bright tents and pads/ sleeping bags can positively affect your mood in the tent, especially in bad weather, and groggy mornings. Bright colours of tents and items in the tent help with visibility in low light in the morning and at dusk, same theory as to why pockets can be brightly lined, better in low light. Also if you venture away from your tent-site, having a non-camo tent makes it much easier to locate your campsite through the trees, not to mention an emergency situation where high visibility items are very useful. I'm not saying it's for everyone but labeling them teletubby colours really doesn't give any credit to the research that went into the end result of these designs.

  22. does anyone make a down sleeping bag with cotton shell vs. plastic crap?

  23. Totally agree on Luke colorir opinion, for the price it should be more customisable at least with different colour options. I like stealth camping, and I normally do not pick bright neon colours

  24. Awesome kit and perfet reviewed, as was to be expected from Luke, of course!
    Thanks for all the effort!

  25. Hello! Even saw the color tendense buy the surplus "house organ" Redstar,(Röda Stjärnan) in Sweden, by old Carintia sleeping system,

    it is not to easy, those days, to know wat is cheap replicas and original….not even at price way! Barbro Sweden

  26. Have you ever used/reviewed the Soldier Crew Tent?

  27. What's wrong with Teletubbies??? 😂 Just kidding, thanks for a great review.

  28. Thanks Luke, if you had to choose one, this or the Sierra designs you reviewed ? Zipperless I think.

  29. Yes… the colour dissuaded me right off the bat. Earth tones please…hehehe… or at least anything other than pale yellow… bright blue… apple green (sorry Nemo)…Otherwise… I would go with Thermarest for sleeping gear every time.

  30. What happened to no gear reviews during slow economy?

  31. Hate the compression sack and Teletubbie color also. Do like the weight and warmth though. Thanks for the review Luke.

  32. No one can deliver such on point reviews like Luke

  33. I def would never by this for that color

  34. I toss and turn a lot, I love the feature that allows you to attach the sleep pad to the bottom.

  35. I have the Snugpak Elite 3 and would love a better stuff sack. What product were you referring to that you use instead of the 4 pull strap system it came with?

  36. 4:07….
    Hate the color. Looks like a wriggling huge juicy grub to bears !
    Earth tone camo or olive drab !

  37. Thanks for the great information

  38. If came in o.d green I'd order one today but that yellow is ugly and it would be stained very quickly and down is not something you want to wash . Thanks for the review luke

  39. Thermarest does make high quality products. I like the bag, but don't like the color.

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