The Most Expensive Military Tent in the World Nemo The ALCS 1P SE

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What you are about to see is the most expensive tent used by military forces in the world and without a doubt, the most expensive 1 person tent of all time!

Nemo The ALCS 1P SE (advanced linking combat system)

Link :…


  1. The ugliest, most unapealling tent i've ever seen in my entire life!!

  2. Over priced even for the military!

  3. Reminds me of NASA spending millions on a pen that would write in space, the Russians used a pencil. Brit turns up with a poncho, Ruski turns up with a canvas sheet, Yank turns up with a $2300 tent! All stay dry and carry on. Nemo wouldn't say much, I'll bet they wouldn't! 😂

  4. The government ALWAYS Over Pays.

  5. Those family members that have government contracts with the Army….they are the guys pocketing the dough.

  6. My Bulldog would destroy that expensive tent in 5 seconds. I want a tent the size of a large living room for that price. Dang.

  7. It is JOKE, for sure! I would take a GP Medium any day !

  8. The tent is so beautiful😘😍👭

  9. I believe this tent is IR proof Goretex which makes it this expensive

  10. Research and development! People don't have a clue, what they are looking at. It just goes to show, what some people's opinions are worth.

  11. So whats the best of the best i can get. Im looking to buy a quality tent.

  12. why our government always lying and have a lot of secret to everyone don’t notice it right because they want us to get distracted by movies, music, ETC. Think about it why is government hiding a lot of secrets and underground base.
    Government don’t want us to know the truth, they always say we can’t handle bacause some will panic of course some will panic bacause they were brainwashed by the government
    And I have a secret on my USB for a long time about aliens, ufo and not just about alien and ufo. I have a lot of secret on my usb I promise.


  13. maybe if you knew what you were looking at….

  14. No portable AC? Come on man!

  15. Nice tent, way too heavy and way too expensive though.

  16. Overpriced and for sure no secrets at all about it … it's just part of an act to be a psychological propaganda. Special-ops is also so VERY over-rated and misused specification to describe "quality " in a product.

  17. fuck where my tax dollars go

  18. For 2300 dollars I assume you get A BLOWJOB from some female stripper in a kincky uniform in the tent after you buy it

  19. For that price I was hoping he’d open the tent to a .50 bolt action

  20. And they tell us that Free healthcare Is too expensive #Bernie2020

  21. No Russian or German soldier would have or will ever take such a tent into action. Why? Cause it is BS for 2300 reasons. Will this be a disadvantage? No. hahahahah….

  22. You can tell it's military because it utilizes the ever so quiet zipper AND velcro.

  23. And somewhere there is a warehouse with 173,934 of these. Oh, and the government lost the invoice so no one knows they're there.

  24. There better be a live woman in that tent for that price.

    I’ll even take a dead one instead

  25. Basically it's a $900 tent and some senator is getting a nice back hander for buying them at $2300……

  26. You don't need that tent unless, you have a large group of people that need to sleep together….

  27. How much is it for the repair kits it’s a warfighter tent am sure there going to be a few holes somewhere lolol

  28. So it’s basically a really expensive style swag that can be joined to another one.

  29. Do any of you understand the rigors the military would put a tent through? It has to be tough…otherwise it would get trashed fairly quick. The no light aspect…that way you can be inside and read a map and not worry about the enemy seeing the light, especially at night.

  30. When we deployed to Afghanistan we each had 2 man tents. They were shit. Army ALWAYS gets the good shit

  31. And here I thought the marines tent was just a hole they dug in the ground with those little shovels they carry lol

  32. At 23 hundred bucks a pop, only 2 entities could make that happen. a Very smart profiteering private business and a very dumb government procurement office with fat taxpayer funded wallets.

  33. That's ridiculous! It better make me invisible.

  34. Government usually has to pay a premium to a company when the company is not allowed to sell same or similar products to public. They make it up to compensate for public loss. People forget that

    That said, nothing stops a competitor to build it themselves and release to market. Government can’t infringe on those rights

    That’s how the cookie crumbles

  35. And it’s very cold 🥶 in the winter ❄️ a Democratic Party did this , they rob everyone. What a fraud 🤔

  36. My military days, I had a shelter half, then you had to find another soldier who was willing to hook up his shelter half with you! Nothing but a POS!

  37. I’m a British Royal Marines Commando and we used this tent in subzero snowy temperatures in Norway. Best tent I’ve ever used. Not one bit of moisture got in the tent and we had 70mph wind smashing against it also.

  38. another victory such as this and all will be lost

  39. Is the linking part for butt buddy soldiers? Why would you want to link your tent to someone else? To pass cookies at night or get ass rammed.

  40. hahaha love how so many propaganda victims eat those bullcrap tales about this tent..
    "it can do this and that , the Predator wont see you when you jerk of during misison, and you can communicate to ET thru it .. without a radio – the tent does it"
    And a LRP should go underground whenever possible.

  41. Defense contractors are scum.

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