The Best Jeep Wrangler Camping Mods and Outdoor Gear For Off-Road Adventures

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Interested in checking out some of these camping parts? Check them out here:
Smittybilt Tailgate Table –
ARB 37 Quart Fridge Freezer –
Mean Mother Air Compressor 8,800 CU -…


  1. These guys have some awesome mods

  2. ARB Cooler is a rip off,,,,,you can get better for half the price.

  3. Nothing but one long commercial….unsubscribe!

  4. 2:20 … “ A very small amount of power” please tell us how many amps it takes.

  5. Who makes the roof rack on this jeep?

  6. Very good and informative video.

  7. Any recommendations for a good roof rack for a 2018 2 door rubicon jl.. i want to get the tent but i dont have a roof rack..thanks

  8. Or you can use dry ice which is much cheaper, lasts longer than water ice, and it doesn't make everything all soggy because it doesn't create liquid, when the dry ice melts it just evaporates. You can also get dry ice at pretty much any local grocery store.

  9. I thought the rooftop tents were awesome until I saw the price. Fuck that shit

  10. $800 for a portable freezer. I really like Extreme Terrain but come on guys your prices are ridiculous.

  11. a good use, soft wrangler roof…………. tent rise so you could stand in wrangler bed……………. seats fold down flat, for beds .

  12. bears climb ladders. midnight pee, difficult

  13. This video comes across like a entire ad spot. I get it, but geez…

  14. Dometic fridge is better. iKamper is a FAR better rooftop tent.

  15. To be honest,Dan doesn't look comfortable at all..
    Great video though..
    Greetings from Yemen

  16. your channel is turning me into a Jeep guy. Thank you

  17. I know this video was last summer, but I really hope someone is still paying attention to it. I see all these Jeeps with Safari racks on them and the majority are rated per their manufacturer as 300lbs, but the ones with tents have to be going over that rating as the tents are 150lbs. So who is full of it, the manufacturer or are those people who are putting tents and gear on top risking busting their racks?

  18. All you guys commenting on how expensive these things are and how pointless these things are probably don't own a jeep or never have been on a long camping trip.​

  19. Great video. Super job showing these awesome amenities. ~Smile!

  20. What a bunch of pussy. thinking. What happened to camping?

  21. Does the Roof tent have a wind rating?

  22. I like how everything can be "upgraded" like seriously the straps for the cooler were just tooooo much to include with the over priced ass cooler, and the fucking table gets a cutting board upgrade lol i mean come on its like they're trying their best to squeeze every dollar out of you.

  23. 2018 jeep fest in toledo ohio home of the original willys jeep and jeep wrangler.. Its a 3 day event hope to see all you jeep lovers there

  24. As someone with a CJ7 I love seeing 1987+ Wrangler

  25. Literally all useless waste of money..

  26. Since I Have A Dog

    I Am Going To Customize A Jeep & Buy The Patriot X1

  27. awesome video bros, really well done. ryan seems like a genuine and likable dude. definitely gonna pick up every single one of these items once i get my new JKU rubicon next month.

  28. You guys forgot to talk about the Jeep's tow rating. This video is about Overland Camping, right?

  29. What kind of roof rack do you have on the jeep

  30. that "jammock" is $150.

  31. Cutting board mod is ridiculous. Take an ordinary cutting board and use it on the hood or seat. Totally silly.

  32. You show the teraflex table but link to the smittybilt

  33. Substitute the hotdog for kielbasa😎 then a cold one…

  34. Being serious: Need a 5000 btu a/c slot for RTT. Most ground tents now have a/c slots. Camping has become more glamping and with "quiet" generators, many people bring window a/c's. I live in south mississippi (85 degs night in summertime) and wont be buying an RTT anytime soon unless it has an a/c slot. That way, i can get a full 12 months a year use vs just 4 months. And if im paying over $1k -3k on a canvas covered mattress, it better have a spot to put an a/c if I so well choose.

  35. I'm shocked that those door step things weren't on here, like the ones that bolt onto the door so you can get at the roof rack a bit better.

  36. How many can you fit in that RTT and sleep somewhat comfy

  37. Great information! Very useful.

  38. Is it possible to remove the tent after camping or its better to keep it on?

  39. Great list man , really helpful!

  40. I am sooo ready for football!

  41. you could also get a yeti or rtic cooler. that keeps it cool for a couple days. but depends on the type of camping you are doing but they are a step above the regular coolers. also if you don't want a soggy sandwich put them in a ziploc bag. also also not all new jeeps have a 12v in the back.

  42. way to hit up the overlanding gear, options, and accessories! IG:jonnybgood

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