The BEST Hike in Oahu, Ka'au Crater

The #1 thing we wanted to do in Hawaii was go on a hiking adventure. We did just that! Ka’au Crater hike is not a walk in the park. This is a hard hike but totally worth it!

Ka’au Crater Hike:

Things you should take on the hike:
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  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing. I’m hiking this trail in a month and I just have a couple of questions. 1) is it easy to follow the trail? Are there signs or we’re gonna need a guide? 2) do you know the height of the peak and the total loop distance miles? Again, thank you so much! I enjoyed watching this 👍🏻

  2. Do need to test the ropes .. we recently did this trail and a few had frayed and sketchy ..but without them you wouldn’t be able to continue .. awesome hike

  3. Tip #1, micro spikes

  4. 8:38 I live in one of those buildings there. From my place, I can see the top of the mountain where you guys were standing. It looks so high, I did not think anyone went up there, but you guys did!

  5. this is one of my most memorable/favorite hikes and I'm actually gonna be there next month . thanks for the Video Jeven. I suggest getting there early, like 4:30 am. there should be parking, and the trail is clear.

  6. Good work! Way to go for going outside the bounds and trying a path that far too few often take! We were just in Kauai and looking forward to more travel like this!!!

  7. Damn..wish I wasn't old and out of shape!🤔😂Intense…

  8. Why does every hike video have shitty ass techno music!!!!!!!!!! My ears bleed

  9. WOW! That looks like a pretty amazing hike. We just got back from Hawaii and did the Olomana hike. That one was scary!

  10. I hate the idea of getting my new hiking boots dirty. : ) This video provided great color on the trail, from both a visual and an informative standpoint-thanks much!

  11. This is one of the best Hawaii hiking videos I've seen.

  12. Thank you for taking us on your journey!

  13. your hike looked awesome. As muddy as Glastonbury Festival was last year! Thanks guys for sharing your great videos, very enjoyable to watch 😊

  14. Damn would love to do that hike! Looks awesome! 😀

  15. Good job, muddy but fun…or so it looks…great drone shots as well..

  16. Looks like a fun hike! The waterfall looks amazing!

  17. More like mountain climbing than hike but what an adventure

  18. What I took away from this is if I'm ever doing this hike… to bring gloves for grabbing the rope and rocks to climb up.

  19. Awesome Pretty tough hike 2 have u 2 hurting Great views and some excellent drone shots Enjoy

  20. Wow, adding this to the ole' bucket list 🙂

  21. You two found such an awesome adventure hike! "Trust the ropes" no joke

  22. just showing my support,HNY!

  23. Great Vid !! .. Want to visit Hawaii ! .. are you going to do Volcano Drone shots ! ?? That would be amazing

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