Tesla Model Y First Impressions!

I spent some time with the Tesla Model Y after it was delievered to the first customers in California. Subscribe for more in the near future!

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  1. Just a heads up about all the questions/comments on the right side having chrome. It's actually the protective film they put on before delivering, not chrome. And as for a tow hitch it's not installed on this one nor does it appear to be an option yet but hoping sometime soon. Thanks for watching and stay healthy out there folks!

  2. Wouldnt lkowering the ride make it more bumpy?

  3. Yeah you are actually right about the height..

  4. Why the doors handle in the left side are black and the other ones are chrome ?

  5. I just wonder, have you seen an ICE vehicle before? Because you get so excited about normal things, like tow hook, sun visor latch, pockets in the cargo space etc… Those things have been invented long time before Tesla implemented them… In fact, compared to a similarly priced ICE car, Tesla looks like they skimped on the interior features a lot…

  6. Dont get it why people are losing their shit over this. Essentially a model X with model 3 interior and at lower price. Say what you want but this is not a new car by any means..

  7. I really wanted a model 3, now I think I want a Model Y

  8. looks just like a model 3 please dont tell me this is 3 rows

  9. *WHEEL lol rims are for bicycles

  10. graphene batteries not out yet, EV tech is not ready yet, rather buy used in 2024, if teslas haven´t fallen apart by then, nissan has a bunch of rihya or Quiyra, etc. coming out, maybe solid state batteries come out in 2022?

  11. "Me and my family"?? Eh, My family and I perhaps……………

    Oh, and its TeSla, not TeZla……

  12. Looks good, I am looking forward to the Mach E / Model Y head to head comparisons.

  13. Left door handles are black and right ones are chrome… wtf?

  14. Spread this idea 💡, especially to Elon… 1) convert home EV charging unit to a co-op of shared EV charging stations. 2) Create a website to allow fellow home owners of EV charging units to join, identify their EV charging availability (months, days, hours), rates, and offer booking availability, etc.

    The above idea will automatically create thousands if not 10s of thousand of additional charging units = elimination of 'range anxiety.'

    Yes, there will be items that will need to be worked out, e.g. municipal / town by-laws that may, may not allow for additional flow of traffic to residential communities, safety, etc. But I'm sure things can be easily worked out.

    Please please this idea around and especially to Elon. I have 'message' Elon via Twitter already.

  15. Am I the only one that thinks those wheels are the ugliest wheel ever put on a factory vehicle.

  16. Wait wait wait wait….I'm I the only one to see right hand side chrome trim and left hand side black…what happened there?

  17. What's with the drivers side door handles in black, with the passenger side in chrome? Or is it some kind of delivery plastic/film that hasn't been removed yet?

  18. Why does it have 4 left hand side rims on? Surely the turbine should be going the other way when viewing the right side rims?

  19. Is the white interior worth the extra $1000? Probably, best during the summer months, I would imagine, with a dark exterior color. Deciding whether to have the black seats with the white exterior vs white seats and dark gray exterior? Also, 19” wheels vs 20” induction wheels?

  20. The lip around the hood is for pedestrian safety. It acts as a bouncing board for when a body hits the front of your car. Hopefully helping the pedestrian a little

  21. What does he mean when says “when you free the data your mind will follow” ?

  22. those turbine rims are SO ugly, oh my god

  23. I didn't see this yet scanning the comment section but the range hit from the performance upgrade might not be just the 21" wheels. If you go to the configurator it also increase the top speed. It's very possible that difference in motor management is eating some of that range.

  24. Are the door handles supposed to be a different color on each side of the car?

  25. Sir, what u described as “it has a button for automatic lift button and buttons to level the second row seating” is kinda hygiene for lotsa ICE cars!

  26. The first thing I always wanted to do when I buy a new car is buy more new tires and rims. Why not? Maybe get it painted in a better color than the five given? Why not?

  27. Looks like a Porsche suv

  28. Thanks Ben! Hope you guys are doing well in SD

  29. Hmm – not feeling it. Cannot detect a lick of personality.

  30. Is it just me? Or are the frames around window on right hand side of the car chromed and the left hand side black (aka chrome delete)?? Why is that??? I thought the Mod Y came with black (finally!)?

  31. Middle rear seats headrest is missing!

  32. 5:25 What is that McDonalds wrapper stuck in the wheel well!! eww The rims suck..and the tires are not wide enough.

  33. Wow, what a really cheap and nasty looking interior. Maybe you have a pre-production model?

  34. looks like a model x with normal doors

  35. Whoa, I just noticed that the rear windows have a noticeable darker tint than the front. Is that factory tint?

  36. When are the CF wheels coming!?!

  37. This car is going to be an enormous success for Tesla.

  38. The visor unclips so you can rotate it over to the door window when the sun is coming through there

  39. how do you put snow chains on those tires ?

  40. Why do dingleberries from Commie-fornia pronounce Tesla "Tezz-la"?

  41. Still can't get over the front end – ugly. Same with the model 3. Model S is the best looking one overall. I'm planning on getting the i4 in 2022. But of course I respect & admire what Elon and the company has done thus far.

  42. why is some of the chrome delete missing? looks odd

  43. Nothing about this vehicle is sexy. Nada. Zip. Nope. Just another blob with panel gaps. No thanks.

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