Storm! – Snow and Wind Military Surplus Winter Camp

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Join Luke for a Multi-Day Military Surplus Snow Storm Adventure!


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  1. I'm looking forward to filming another military surplus adventure soon; there is so much cool gear out there!
    Have a great weekend everyone.
    – Luke

  2. I've been watching several of your vids on camping and enjoy everyone of them. I'm still going back in time to some of your previous vids now. Question: Do you have a tent that has its own built-in floor?

  3. My blessings to your daughter!!

  4. Very well thank you 😊! You are an amazing and interesting kudos!

  5. Why not move the tent closer to the tarps just wondering!!lol

  6. Love breakfast oatmeal, bacon and eggs!! Pork chops and potatoes and eggs!

  7. What kind of jacket did you have on toward the end of the video?

  8. Four years Marine Corps, with 22 months in Vietnam. I’ve done the military equipment for real. My hats off to your daughter.

  9. I live in Western Washington.
    I was thinking going camping this summer at Eastern Washington with a couple friends.
    I'm not brave enough like you going camping alone.

  10. That was Awesome ! Absolutely enjoyed your adventure,also love the military camping gear looks as good as you say. Started watching your video's over last couple months. Can't wait for your next military camping video. I also absolutely love rain wind snow . Thanks for sharing your trips and adventure's much much appreciated. P.S. haha dirty joke oh loved being little scared hearing those Kyoto's not sure how to spell that . Cheers from down Under 🤗🙂

  11. Love sitting around the fire and shooting the BS. Best parts of all these type videos.

  12. Car key on a carabiner. Genius.

    You guys take care, during these crazy times. All the best, from England.

  13. Let’s put this out all on the tray !!! ….. NICE !!!

  14. breakfast ? try ovomaltine ! greetings from switzerland

  15. I watch your show a lot . It seems like every time you go hiking or camping it’s either raining or snowing. It doesn’t seem to bother you. I’m a cold nature person and I would freeze to death. Do you ever use a wood stove in your tents? Your shows are very interesting. One day I watched your videos all day long. Happy camping . Stay safe.

  16. Is that a truck in the background @ 13:03?

  17. May I ask what footwear you chose for this adventure? And there is an excellent channel of a guy who eats MREs from all over the globe. steve1989.

  18. Tarp shelter looked like a good place to sleep

  19. i made that pepper mistake with a chilie mre and the hot pepper packet! i put the entire thing in and turned the stuff orange and omg that hurt twice

  20. Do you have a description on that tent?

  21. Luke. What is your day job that allows you to do the videos and enjoy the outdoors.

  22. Love your videos and informative reviews but man I hope you eat better at home cause MRE meals are really, really, bad for you. Yeah, they serve the military in times where they can't eat better but believe me, they are NOT healthy. In fact, you eat them long enough you'll be so blocked up you'll need a spoon to dig it out. That "food" is so processed and pumped it destroys your gut flora and that flora takes time to rebuild. I keep some MRE'S and they have their place which is to consume for energy to get you to something better when you have no other options. I agree they are tasty, though. I have to fight the urge to break one out now and then. But they are poison to the guts. Spoken with the best intentions and concern.

  23. Huh, I'd honestly never heard of "forking" a house before. Nice. Now toilet papering, egging, and flour bombing I have some experience with.

    Oh and if you guys love pb&j sandwiches, you need to make and try the grilled version. Exactly the same as you would a grilled cheese sandwich just replace the cheese with peanut butter and jelly. Life changing.. 😁

  24. At about 24.00 you said the coffee tastes like sh….. Maybe it tastes like fuel jelly in the stove.

  25. Steve1989MRE is a great MRE YouTube channel.

  26. MREs are designed to deliver 3500 – 5000 calories. One per day for a combat soldier working hard to stay alive. Didn't know that during Desert Storm an I ate too many each day and was gaining weight like crazy until I found out how many calories they have in them.

  27. I love sitting here upper Michigan with 2 feet of snow, in a nice warm house next to the heater watching you freeze your butt off out in the sticks ! After a career in the army as a grunt in places like Korea, Alaska and northern Europe freezing in tents and foxholes, I have never understood why anyone would chose to do it when they didn't have too ! I think you're just nuts ! lol

  28. I wonder why your tent is so far from your tarp area…

  29. Steve1989MREinfo He reviews some pretty cool and rare mre's

  30. Military Surplus is heavy yes . But it's the best

  31. Hook up with Joe Robinet for an adventure in the snow. That would be awesome.

  32. Check out the carhartt winter hat, has an integrated face mask that tucks up into the hat, it also has flaps that cover your ears, i got mine from my mom for xmas a few years back and its probably the warmest winter hat i have ever had.

  33. Thank you for her service ❤️💗!

  34. And what are the best things to have for a family

  35. What are the best things to have if you had no tent or sleeping bags

  36. Doing time on the streets has changed my ways iv learned to like most anything I can get to stay above ground and just live from t where on out lol

  37. Hope a bear doesn't destroy your high dollar tent going for the MREs.

  38. That looked.COZY…for.a TENT! i enjoy your videos; they are informative & educational. Thanks--(from an office worker bee); i dream of going campimg– 😃🙃👣

  39. Luke!! theres a russian guy whos famous for MRE videos. you should check him out . his name is crazy russian hacker lol

  40. the problem with you is………You talk to much with less action.

  41. What kind of goretex jacket is that? One of your videos I believe you mentioned where you got it at.

  42. I'm a veteran, and if I can say one thing for your daughter? Tell her to reach out and talk about the stress she's dealing with. For God's sake don't hold that shit in. I've buried to many brothers and sisters over the years. Uncle Sam doesn't give a thinkers damn about what's going on in her world. Keep contact, and tell her theirs a lot of people out here praying for her. I struggled with survivors guilt for years, PTSD and a drinking problem. Good news? I'm a survivor because of a family that loves me. Counseling helped. I had a shrink for a while, turned out nuttier than me?! God bless and stay the course.

  43. Umm hey bud? You do know you could make cowboy coffee, right?

  44. I want a coat like you got on inside the tent. The one you wearing under the gortex

  45. I want one of those jackets so bad. Its pretty much the same as the one that we have in our Forces but I'm in the wrong element now. A fleece under it and it will stop so much weather and cold. Awesome piece of kit.

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