Stealth Camping gear review

Featuring the one man Mil Tec Recon Tent, Maxpedition bug out bag, snugpak jungle bag and some other kit. Reviews of some gear.


  1. Shame you can’t bow hunt! Music too loud, can’t watch it!

  2. Thumbs down because of the noise

  3. yeah the poles are 2.6 lbs, almost half the weight. I ordered the two long poles to be made in Easton aluminum. 13oz so far. next I'm replacing the cross pole however I think they might need to preebend. it's s pretty steep loop however it really strengthens the tent structure in cross wind.

  4. background music a bit to much

  5. Nice video from NYC, I gots to shit mi britches chap…..

  6. sorry mate looking forward to watching this one but 2 minutes in i'd had enough of the music drowning out what you was saying i could hardly hear you maybe you could repost it without the music all the best anyway

  7. why add silly music .Did you not even listen to your own video and think…what the fuck, its silly ?

  8. The music ruined a good video

  9. Your films are amazing.  As others have mentioned, it's a pity about the sound quality.  As a film maker, I recommend you play music as intro and at the end and not during periods involving speech as it distracts the viewer.

  10. Your music drowns out your narrative. Otherwise it's okay

  11. How much did you pay for your tent mate

  12. Great review … !!!!! .. + 1 ….

  13. Yeah internally turn the volume down on your videos that makes absolutely no sense.

  14. I'm really interested in the video but the music is very distracting.

  15. I'm really interested in the video but the music is very distracting.

  16. Your music is drowning you out pal. Can hardly hear you in some parts of the video

  17. lov tbis setup looks real stealth at dusk it would be dam hard to find in the woods without tripping on it

  18. I would have liked to hear what you had to say in the video…sadly iw have no clue what you said because of the background music and low sound of your voice..

  19. Nice review! The music not needed. Actually hampers your audio a bit. But still an informative video.

  20. hi mate. I went on line ta find out more about the recon tent an was all good by what was said about it . your video was great . got one now an loveing it can't wait for new ta get out .

  21. Fuck off with the Music

  22. Ditch the music. Had to stop watching after 3 minutes.

  23. i like the camo, boys love the style wi the netting so got 2 to order as im a hammock freak cheers

  24. The dark flecktarn camouflage sticks out. Use a pattern and color that matches the foliage and terrain you are in and don't forget to break up the outline of your tent. It looks like a cross between a boulder and a beached whale.

  25. Huh? eh? what's that? like the video but cannot hear you .  It must be stealth talk.

  26. The music is a bit annoying as I couldn't hear your voice over it nice one man tent though

  27. What looked like an interesting review sadly ruined by the backing music being significantly louder than your voice.
    Don't understand why you bothered with any music as it adds nothing, as you obviously had a lot of info to share with us 🙁
    But will check your other videos to hopefully get more info on the Snugpak jungle bag, and your interesting choice of tent…

  28. that cammo is so dark my eyes would spot you yards away id get you stalk you and wait tell you feel asleep and get yah.

  29. Horrible sound mixing, unwatchable.

  30. Looks very comfy , amazing how well it blends in, good camo.

  31. I turned this up to try and hear your voice and my wife started screaming at me to turn it down 🙁

  32. Hi!

    Great job for a first video. .. nice music!

    I live in the tropics, and I'm looking for something with good ventilation in h Are ot and humid weather. .. I noticed there are 3 translucent windows on the inner. .. are these mesh or are they plastic windows?

  33. how rainproof is it? thats my only concern. i really like the set up though, very nice. thanks for your time.

  34. What bag cover is that…

  35. Overnight tent in Wood in Germany is Not allowed too.
    So it's a Challenge to go for stealth camping!

  36. impossible to hear your review 🙁 is it a good tent that you would recommend purchasing?

  37. im sorry but the audio sucked and the background music was distracting when you were talking.

  38. Music is too loud amazing it hard to hear you.

  39. Thanks for sharing mate! It's on my shopping list and thanks to yourself I know what sleeping bag I'm getting too! Out of interest what bow do you have there? X

  40. I'm looking for a 1-man tent with at least 80cm headroom so I can sit up; i've googled around but they all seem too low. Can anybody recommend an 80cm job i might have missed?

  41. Hi I enjoyed your video and have subbed. Just with reference to camo in general, remember that the design what ever it is is really only a base layer and should have natural growing plants/leaves etc from the position you have selected added to distort the shape of the person or gear you are concealing. Good stuff keep em coming!

  42. Great review, just ordered mine in woodland camo, for wild camping, i dont think you can beat it for quality and price. 🙂

  43. Do you think flecktarn is to brown and the other us camo recon tent would work better in dense vegetation, not a dig just suggestion as im thinking of buying one, nearly got the gelert 1 man solo, not sure now after seeing this.


  44. skip the music it's incredibly annoying

  45. New to survival and bushcraft etc, went for a camp after a long day hike the other day and realised how hard a tarp and hammock set up was with the need for trees to be close together, knots to be tied properly in the rain, proper tensions first time or start again, and then you aren't even 100%warm. I think people don't like the idea of tents as much because they think they are a cop out and are easier to spot etc, but this is ideal for me. I'm going for this set up in future, liking the German camo too. Top vid! Subbed.

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