1. How did I get here? I was watching Toccata and Fugue in D minor…

  2. Thank you for this review…. I know it’s been a while since you’ve posted it but it’s still appreciated!

  3. Thanks a lot. Very helpful

  4. How long can I store water in it?

  5. We are OEM factory of Zhejiang CN,specialized in camping industry,for the pressure shower,we have patent in CN,competitive price can be offered if you are interested

  6. Going to be using this bad for for Glastonbury 2020 ( great review )

  7. These are designed for outdoor use. 5 gal = 40 lbs. Strong rope with a pulley is attached to a secure point. FYI use the F degree and not Celsius — We Americans relate to American standard not European.

  8. The one I got has a push-pull closure right at the shower head – hard to operate with soapy hands. I cut off most of the original hose, bought fittings and clamps and the replacement hose & sprayer like for the kitchen sink diverter, so the flow control is super easy with one hand. This is the type of item: Kohler GP1021724-CP Kitchen Sink Hose https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GZZFXA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_BAExDbH64631B plus you need the barb/pipe adapter and hose clamp.

  9. [email protected]goingoutdoor.se fuck them 🙂 if you are swedish no good fucking webbstoreattalll….

  10. 5 gallon = 20 liter = 40 pounds ? X-D

  11. I got mine yesterday filled it up and leaks from both holes no matter how much I adjust screw end and other. Leave an hour to warm up and it’s empty. Brilliant 👍🏾

  12. Bummed mine leaked all over the floor. Put about 2 gallons and put in a plastic bag and froze it in the feeezer. We will see how it makes it to south padre lol

  13. wonder if they work in the uk where the sun can't be arsed coming out for more than 10mins

  14. What is the short white hollow pole for?

  15. There was no demonstration.

  16. what is the short length of black pvc tube for please?

  17. All these review videos I've seen show people filling it with a hose or faucet lol most people I imagine are going to be using this for camping/backpacking and won't have access to these things ffs…

  18. I purchased one and tried to use last week during camping. Unfortunately the water did not come out from the hose by unknown reason. This product doesn't seem well-working in my case.

  19. Temp in celcius.
    Hang height in ft.
    The fuk u at ?

  20. This shower sucks don't buy it

  21. This must keep outside to get water warm how long have to keep plse reply

  22. asshole,, I wanted to watch it working…

  23. Thanks for this, im a new traveler, never went camping. I would be in deep shit of not knowing what to do

  24. Greetings from Hong Kong..Any good advise how to fix Leaks on these Bags …Much obliged …Thanks

  25. Greetings from HONG KONG ~ Is there a way to fix the leak on these bags ?? Thanks

  26. If you want warm water just go in your house and use the warm water from you sink

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    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  28. If I have access to water (stream, lake or faucet) and can make a fire or use my backpack
    stove, I can take a hot water shower for as long as I want. Contact me: [email protected] for details.

  29. Does anyone know how to actually get this dry afterwards? Once I empty it, there's still some water because it doesn't go back out easily.

  30. You're warming it upside down. The clear side goes up when it's in the sun. Otherwise, you're losing a lot of your heat up into the air. It's like putting a heating element at the top of a bucket of water. The heating element goes at the bottom.

  31. Everyone saying black side up is forgetting that heat rises.
    CrazyRussianHacker: https://youtu.be/AasKk3HRyOI
    My test of black up or clear up: https://youtu.be/lwttSNgJbIY

    The sun goes right thru the clear vinyl, absorbed by the black vinyl on the bottom. The hot water rises, heating the cooler water above it, therefore uniformly making all the water hot. When the black side faces the sun, the water touching it gets hot, but only heats some of the cooler water below it.

    I've had this discussion for years at Burning Man where these bags are everywhere, most people assume black up, and I knew they were wrong so had to make a test and a video from that test.

    BTW: I've used all the cheap bags, and get one where the on-off valve is NOT on the bag. Actually, all the "valves" can be difficult to open close…very hard to turn when you are soapy and need every ounce of water in the bag, especially if the water is hot and it is breezy or cold. The best valve is a simple clip with teeth that sqeezes the tubing. Of even greater importance is to NEVER fill the 5 gallon bags with more than 4 gallons, as the connection of the handle to the vinyl gets way too stressed at 5 gallon weight and once a tear in the vinyl starts, it will only progress and repair in the field is impossible. Treat a cheap bag with care and it can last many seasons. No need to spend more on one of those "silver" expensive ones.

  32. I use one of these on my boat – I fill it with two kettles of cold water and add one kettle of boiling water and have a beautiful hot but comfortable shower. It only fills half a bag which is plenty for one person. (I add the cold first and using a good non melting funnel and being careful add the boiling water).

  33. Plastic tube definitely short.

  34. but i says douche on the front of it

  35. Worked well at Bonnaroo in the hi 90's temperature. Put it on the roof on the GMC Terrain and sat on a cooler.

  36. Gentlemen:  Just follow the above instructions.  Ladies:  Hang the bag empty and then fill it.  Full, the bag will weigh over 40 lbs (20kg).

  37. I've heard about these on a few different channels, usually people who are living on the road in their vans or in off the grid ecovillages, but none of them showed them using these. And I hadn't thought to look up any videos on the subject till today, and this was top of the search results.

  38. Pro Tip: fill 3/4, urinate in the bag, shake, instant warm water, shower.

  39. All you have to do is put a few drops of bleach in the water, no smell, no bacteria, nothing grows in that.

  40. If you were just gonna shower it would be "r" rated not "x" unless you were gonna go crazy with the nozzle or something;)

  41. hey i just bought this product! do you enjoy it still ?
    or have you used it often while camping ? how did you end up pitching it up to have a shower ? just curious as this would be all new to me.

  42. warm your water with one on those cheap camping 8.99 gas burners off ebayyy….not to hott now people you'll melt the bag lol….use your head hommies lol

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  44. need more practice demo stuff before you go public…you wasted my time

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