SOG Hand Axe – Camping Gear TV Episode 131

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In this episode, we review the SOG Hand Axe. This axe is extremely well constructed, and relatively lightweight for the punch it packs. SOG makes very durable products, and the Hand Axe is no exception. Check out the review, and be sure to stop by for more camping and…


  1. This may sound like a dumb question but any idea about how many calories are burned doing this as opposed to using a folding saw? I can understand using it to delimb branches, but it just seems like there is alot of wasted energy. Not saying im right, just wanting to start an adult conversation. I think it looks cool,and would be small enough for splitting wood for a hobo or woodgas stove, but still seems uneffecient in chopping wood, Just my opinion though.

  2. nice axe, you should check out the gerber axes though they're pretty sick. The new ones even come with a knife built into the handle. I've owned one for a couple years and it definitely does work

  3. @CampingGearTV Sorry for getting back so late (i left town) but i could not weigh my machete but found one close to it and it was 17.7oz so the they are real close to each other and i think the machete would offer a less energy usage then the hand ax at the same task

  4. @CampingGearTV well, customer support blows. service on broken equipment is shoddy, and they have overall sold out the original mission of the company. for hardcore use, i use ESEE. folders spyderco, and wetterlings for my axes.

  5. just subbed, but i just gotta say, my rookie card is probably worth the same. but i wouldnt buy SHIT from sog.

  6. I have the SOG machete, and I love it. It's great for reaching all of those branches that no one else could by hand! Tis like firewood heaven.

  7. I think that ax would be effective against bears only if the bear was like really old. Maybe a diabetic bear who recently had a heart attack in the last, say, 15 minutes. But you never know what you might encounter out there in the wilderness. Be prepared!

  8. @CampingGearTV lol! You two crack me up!

  9. There is a niche for this tool. It's just a matter of trading off with a fixed blade knife, or a Sawvivor. It makes a great car camping ax. It's an "in-betweener" for me. Speaking as the brother of a bear, this is bare minimum I would want against him. Great to see the "How Long Is It?" segment back again. I'm telling you, it'll run forever. Nice one guys.

  10. Nice "Hand Axe" but i would challenge it to my Machete any day / the only thing it has an advantage to is tight areas where a machete has no swinging room in

  11. Another good one guys. Love your shared sense of humor. Yes indeed SOG gear is good enough to pass down to your grandkids, should you live long enough to have them.

  12. Everyone needs a good hand axe in their pocket might run up on old big foot out in the woods ,
    Great show dudes!

  13. I like to keep a battle axe in my EDC.

  14. No thanks Ben, I don't care for any more oxygen. Please feel free to cut down the entire forest. Just kidding 😀

  15. hahaha this show rules. "good against bears" then the family feud theme. Classic.

  16. I got very excited during the how long is it segment. G10 is a material used in a lot of knifes, it's cool to see it on an axe.

  17. super on gangsters lul

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