REI Hiking Boot laces


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  1. Crossing laces is terrible for foot circulation. Ladder lace is better

  2. The woman has a really nice personality

  3. Excellent advice, thankyou for sharing your knowledge.

    Cheers from Bill.

  4. Thank you so much for solving my problem.

  5. Great stuff i learnt from here today.

  6. Georgia def does not go hiking. Or go into the woods. Or sweat, unless she's eating cheetos

  7. A loose boot or shoe is what causes blisters. The up and down rubbing of the skin and fabric is what causes skin irritation. Not over tightness. Which actually reduces the chance for blisters.

  8. Good points for sure. However a correct bow knot is a square knot with 2 quick releases. The young lady tied the top off with a granny knot and 2 quick releases. This knot. Will quickly work it's way lose especially running very fast and will tend to do so walking. A square knot will tighten much more secure as each of the two overhand knots are done so that they tighten with the running ends facing left and right. A granny one the other hand has one running end running left to right, but the second overhand knots ends run up and down and therefore do not tighten as effectively.

  9. yah  i hate the generalization of sizing up for me I like the dexterity on rock while climbing or scrambling which you loose by sizing up.. also I run my boots looser on the climb  then cinch them snug going down 
    also the softer the boot, the closer true to size it can be, compared to a fully rigid mountaineering boot where people go 1 or 2 full sizes bigger

  10. even without ever hiking before I have always tied my shoes/boots this way.

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