Real Bushcraft in a Winter Storm – The Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III

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This is the Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III.
Enjoy! More Adventures are coming soon!

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  1. So many talk talk talk talk…

  2. wow you said the title of that movie and I was like wow when did you make this video and I relized this video is 4 years old

  3. Can you please tell us how to get those turmat meals I can not find any for sale.

  4. Yes it is you did good in 2 hours. This is my 2nd video of you I have watched and I definitely believe you must be prior service member.

  5. I love how you talk about the wind angles to most people don't think about that stuff.

  6. Thats why you carry a 55 gallon 6 mil trash bag with you so you can fill it up with all those leaves and pour it all over your shelter instead of making 50 trips you make 2. I learned that from the corpral.

  7. Do you ever carry protection against a rogue bear or mountain lion?

  8. Not to be a thorn but if it deer season and you on public land you need to be wearing safety orange but if not just forget what I said love your videos

  9. Why don't these type of camping in the wild (depending on country of course ) never seem to be worried about wolves, bears etc

  10. Just a pro tip actually that system is designed for the black thickest layer to go against the body and the green outside the black then the bivy. That is for max warmth.

  11. I'm pretty warm here in San Diego. Winter nights here barely dip past 42F on a cold snap, but watching this definitely requires a hot beverage. I'll do my shivering vicariously.

  12. You have some great, educational videos. My boys and I love them. We hike and camp all the time. Great information that you share. Greatly appreciated. So, thank you for doing this.

  13. Wow! 1.7million views on this video, that's really awesome brotha. You should be very proud of yourself, that shows that you have amazing content. Your a good dude, thank you for doing what you do or us all. 👍😎👍

  14. Im so glad you gave that chance to look away.

  15. Is that axe the birler from crkt

  16. 2 Quick questions-when camping outdoors do u brandish a firearm to protect yourself from: coyotes,bears,wolves and mountain lions?
    And have u ever had a run-in with any 4-legged predators?

  17. If you want a fire in winds like that, bring a small pint of gasoline ⛽. Pour it on crucial areas of logs and light up.

  18. One thing Luke, and I would like an answer. Aren't you afraid of being alone out there? You're not the biggest guy out there, neither am I. You're not the toughest guy out there, neither am I. You're not the most physically capable, neither am I. And I've never seen you talk of your fighting skills or self-defense skills whatsoever. If you run into a situation out there, and there is no peaceful way out of it, what would you do to defend yourself?

  19. Great video as usual. Shouldn't the patrol bag be outside the black?

  20. Nice job buddy you're super cool.

  21. You too quickly said the name of the freeze dried meal you used. Also, no close up of package. So… I don’t know what it is. Can you put a link?

  22. Eat as much tuna as you want. If you die, so what? No one gets out alive.

  23. Am I the only one wondering….carrying a huge pack and not having a tent with him? Much quicker to erect a tent tha build a shelter.

  24. That pack is a beast! You look like a Turtle with that thing on your back! A Tactical Terrapin if you will…

  25. Cut a bunch of dried wood to length. I normally like to use the dry wood for the fire. Lean it against a wall. Then show the completed shelter. Yes, you did show the wood lashed together, but didn't mention it. Also 2 pieces of 2 ft x 4 ft boards in the shelter. That was were I stopped. I think it should have shown the details completing the shelter. I didn't learn anything new in the first 11 minutes, so I stopped.

  26. finall sum kool music to a great videoer!!!!!!

  27. Appreciate the disclaimer bro!

  28. Be the back of the back: if you went too far back!

  29. Suggestion

    19:41 – Na, don't do that. Don't leave water collection so late in the day. A white-out or injury (Slip when collecting water) and what gear do you have to survive. Always, carry survival gear with you, just like in the Army, your webbing never comes off.

  30. Great video and great music!!

  31. You can keep even warmer if you heat rocks and put them under a couple inches of dirt and your sleeping bags on top. Why didn't you have at least two tarps?. With that big of a pack; you, should even have a small attic tent.

  32. I think this guy is full of beans. Sleeps in the dirt but he never is dirty or has dirt on him. Back yard bushcrafter.

  33. Lots of extraneous talking and very very very very very very little bushcraft. A waste of time. I unsubscribed an gave it a hate it and deleted him from my feed.

  34. I'm Canadian. When he said Winter… I laughed. There're GREEN plants there! hahaha. Newfoundland got 6+feet of snow this 2020 winter.

  35. This video felt like 5 minutes

  36. Out there in all that nothingness. Where did you find that sheet of particle board /plywood that is on your shelter?

  37. Put your bucket out for water

  38. Like the way you post both Fahrenheit and centigrade .

  39. Its not risking your life for youtube cause youtube dont pay nothing

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