New Backpacking Gear for 2020!

Its 2020, and its time to talk about my new backpacking gear! If you saw my video about gear I was done with in 2019, you knew there would be new backpacking gear for 2020, and the wait is over. And watch til the end, because its not just me that’s getting new gear this year, Wanda is too!



  1. Now you can all stop losing sleep, wondering what new gear Matty and Wanda are going to be rocking for 2020! What new gear are YOU excited to use this year?

  2. Matty, I was just going to ask you about getting my first hammock thinking I knew your answer and BOOOOOOM, you drop the bombshell with a new one lol. I am glad I procrastinated for once it paid off =)
    Exciting video and and gear, here is to 2020!

  3. Been using the OV pillow for a couple of years in my hammock.
    I only inflate it about halfway.
    Love it!

  4. I've had ultrapod 2 for decades and love it. I have a Zenvo Squid flexible tripod. Check it out if you miss the wrap around style legs
    – way better deal over the Jovy.

  5. Yep….I'm over the Joby tripod too! Trendy over priced piece of crap. The mini one is $20 and it barely lasted me 6 months.
    All in all…great video!

  6. That sweet Wanda will surely rock her new pack! Looks like some great gear…but, uh…didn't you forget something? Like a new lid? Snap to it, bud!😁😁😁

  7. Dude! You rocked this video! Loved the charisma and energy man! That dream hammock looks so cool! (Am I going to be able to see that soon?)
    I’m really hoping for some new shoes/boots this year and hopefully a new quilt! That’s probably all it’ll be for me. Curious to see the ursack though! It’d be 8x heavier than my current dry bag though 😬

  8. Love both my Dream hammocks. Excited to see how that works for you.

  9. New gear..its like Christmas all over again! Can't wait to see that new tent! Looking forward to camping season!

  10. Thank you for the vids man and the gear suggestions/info. Can't wait to see what tent you chose. Wanda is such a sweet girl! Also, sweet Gengar shirt.

  11. Great video. The legs pop off on my gorilla pod too. I just super glued it like you did. Great video. ✌️

  12. Never even noticed that ursack knot tag! Awesome tip!

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