Never Hike Alone – Behind the Scenes

Never Hike Alone: Behind the Scenes | Documentary | 33 Mins I USA

Take a look behind the making of the “greatest Friday the 13th fan film of all time” with the filmmakers who brought Never Hike Alone to life . Includes never before seen behind the scenes footage and shots left on the cutting… 15502

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  1. This fan film is part of my Friday the 13th canon! That says a lot. This film was really amazing.

  2. This movie was so good!!! Congratulations to the entire team!!!! But the super wonderful surprise was seeing TOMMY!!!!!!! Are you for real!!!! I recognized him immediately!!!!! Bravo!!! This was a great Fan Film!!!!! Kyle, Jason, Axel's name from (part 3)!! Tommy saved the day, Jason's still alive, and Kyle survived!!! Bring on the next one!!!!

  3. This was an AMAZING movie! We want a sequel! I can't say enough good things about this film.

  4. Please make a sequel with Thom Mathews and Jennifer Cooke on board. Show us what happened to Tommy and Megan after the events of Jason Lives. Maybe make them a married couple with some kids☺☺☺☺☺.

  5. I really think Cunningham and Miller need to give this film the "Nod", and allow it to be re-released as an OFFICIAL Friday film. It could even start a whole new era for the franchise. "Friday Stories". What goes on in Jason's world when he's not going after a big group or having some special fight. Jason's "Day to day" if you will.

  6. This was epic! Great production and actors. Thank You very much! 🔪🎥😮

  7. So cool to be a part of this Thank you Vincente!!! and please…et me know if i can help with the sequel 🙂

  8. My husband is watching this in his never hike alone t-shirt

  9. This is one of the best fan film ever made

  10. This is the Friday The 13th 7 I wanted at 17 yrs old. In 87.

  11. Where's the axe cut in The Mask?

  12. love the film love the design amazing work love the jason design just wow! just wow keep up the good work

  13. I think I speak for every Friday the 13th fan who watched never hike alone. You did it the perfect amount of justice and we would also like a part 2. Hell, I'd even pay to see a part 2.

  14. I didnt read the comments i didnt see it coming and my eyes lit up it was so amazing seeing tommy jarvis again it was the cherry on top of a perfect sundae

  15. Wonderful film you have great team to make this film I hope you make other Friday 13 film

  16. for all of the jason fans in the world an horror fans ! please make a sequel, that shit was better than 90% of horror films out today. no lie!

  17. Thank you so very much for a top notch Friday the 13th film i really enjoyed it.Im not over exaggerating when i say this was really good and to me this is canon it was such a awesome touch having Tommy Jarvis come back! Thanks again and i hope to see more of your films you guy's really created something special here.

  18. Please make a Tommy jarvise spin off

  19. If you make a sequel please try and make Jason's little cabin that would be cool

  20. Please put the hikers character and Jason on Friday the 13th the game

  21. I'm telling you new line cinema and Warner bros are missing out on great new movie franchise of Friday the 13th if they don't pull up on with that deal

  22. Ok but I want to see these people's names on some of the best horror films in the future

  23. My Friday the 13th ranking: 13.Jason goes to hell: the final Friday (1993) 12.The remake (2009) 11 Part 5: A new Beginning (1985) 10.Jason X 9.Part 8:Jason Takes Manhattan 8.Part 7: The new Blood 7.Freddy vs. Jason 6.Never hike alone 5.Friday the 13th (1980) 4.Friday the 13th, Part two 3.Friday the 13th, part 3-D 2. Part Six 1. Part 4: the Final Chapter

  24. this was awesome and it would be even more awesome if you made a sequel


  26. If large hollywood companies would use people who have a love for these films and characters to make their movies then maybe we wouldnt get the crap we have today but then again its all about the money for them not the end result. Thanks to everyone who was involved in this project it was stunning and a great movie.

  27. Can I help make a sequel. I want to mess with Jason. Sounds fun

  28. wasn't a giant fan of it, but I only saw it once during the october month, and was filling myself with so many other movies at that time to be able to remember a lot of them. With that said, I still appreciate everything they put into this, the professional quality of it and the certain heroic character that makes an appearance and if the sean and vic's dispute finally comes to an end then I wouldn't mind them filming an official 1 hour and a half version of this, with possibly Kane Hodder as Jason and Vince as his stunt double and stand in.

  29. I've never heard a more pure laugh than at the end of this video! haha

  30. I have traveled back from the year 2019 and they didn’t make part 2

  31. This was the best acting in a fan film I've ever seen! So much improvement from you first takes to the final project I absolutely love it I cannot get enough!!

  32. I had no idea Thom Matthews was in this until I watched it, and when he appeared I lost my mind. As much as it pains me to say this I didn't much care for the movie up until that point. It wasn't bad or anything, I just wasn't crazy about it, but bringing back Tommy won me over. As far as my personal head cannon is concerned this is part of the franchise.

  33. How do I go about buying a never hike alone mask?

  34. In my opinion, Thom Matthews returning as Tommy Jarvis is what changed this from a fan film to a legitimate canon entry

  35. Can yall make a poster to sell and tshirts. I would love to have one and it would raise you some money for the new film you want to do

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