Mount Rundle Hike

Extended footage from the Canadian Rockies series on Monkeetime ( 15980

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  1. Amazing video and congrats, very well done as it gives us such a good idea of the time and effort u have to put in to get to the top of that mountain (very rocky, unstable too) by the end, quite a Unreal Haw Moment! 🙂

  2. So you climbed the second highest summit of Mt. Rundle

  3. holly shit your walking close to the edge

  4. Are there bears around in those woods? Was surprised to see you had headphones in.

  5. I love the shot where you're dangling your legs over the edge… And you can see Mt. Assiniboine in the background!

  6. The first mountain I ever climbed, when I was 10. I'm surprised you didn't show the thinnest part of the "dragon's back", good video, thanks for posting.

  7. Wow. I was going to climb Rundle. Lol I think I'll pick a different mountain for my first one. Any suggestions?

  8. 18 yrs after climbing Rundle I had another vertigo attack at the summit. Nice.

  9. Just thinking about all the times you hiked up to position the camera only to hike back down and rewalk the same spot… you likely did the climb plus ~25% or so?

  10. yeah I am doing Ha Ling Peak tomorrow, I think going up will be fine but getting back down seems scarier to me 🙂

  11. did you hike rundle alone coz i am also gonna do that alone

  12. cracking vid…did rundle the other week…coming back down the dragons back scared the life out of me

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