Mndsgn – Hiking / Fif Dim

Both songs from Breatharian – out now:
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Video by The Pressure & Fresh Selects

Directed by Adam R Garcia & Kenny Fresh
Director… 512275

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  1. 2019. Still coming back

  2. If they ever made an earthbound remake, this song MUST be in it 🙂

  3. Love this song thx mndsgn ♥️ since the beginning. Totally my state of mind permanent

  4. Real Abstract…. I like I like

  5. remind me of Samurai Champloo a lot… nice piece of art, thanks for sharing this to the world 😀

  6. idk how many times ive re-visited this video but it slaps just as hard every time

  7. I love verything in this song : music, video, girl, haircut and vibes :p

  8. What does he makes his beats with Reason, Logic, Ableton anybody know?

  9. This vevo is fake. Thank God.

  10. I can't stop coming back to this.

  11. For more music like mndsgn checkout my channel NextEraMuzik (kaytranada, sango, carmack, and more)

  12. why the fuck they put casette album out

  13. Ahmad Jamal – Moonlight In Vermont.

  14. fortunately we cannot censor dirty beats

  15. You should peep out, MNDSGN – JUST AIR – DARI LOSO

  16. Oh my fuck. I love this.

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