Missing 411: The Hunted

Hunters have been disappearing from North American wildlands for hundreds of years, many without leaving a trace. Former police detective David Paulides was initially brought on to investigate the circumstances around the many mysterious disappearances – here he presents the haunting true…


  1. Stupid boring no conclusion waste of money

  2. Hypothermia & what it does to you: At this point, you’re on the brink. If you don’t get to safety soon, you’ll hit severe hypothermia and be in serious trouble. Eventually, even your brain will grow colder. When that happens, it stops functioning properly which can make you feel dizzy, disoriented, and even want to strip naked.

  3. I've listened over & over to the recordings in the woods from 1971. Some of the sounds sound like an animal – (I thought like some type of monkee? and the voice of Japanese man?) It does sound like someone giving commands. It's really weird. But that's what I hear. And it seems interactive – scary!!

  4. I like it when they really make it understandable with lots of maps and marked distances between points.

  5. I wanna see a documentary about trying to find the creature

  6. The areas where they talk about boots and packs etc laid out like it was from the person missing. It is not from the person missing(imho). It is from whatever is responsible for this probably saying this all we will leave. Very scary to say the least.

  7. Could the bigfoot theory be fallen angels? I remember seeing this theory on a survival man bigfoot the vocalization was similar to what the person heard aswell.

  8. I thought I heard the Sierra sounds weren’t real were a hoax. Don’t kill me but what have others heard. Btw I believe

  9. Very good video, I’m glad you are bringing attention to these people, and maybe someday the families will get an answer that. Will give them some closure.

  10. Best documentary ever seen. Keep getting more spokes in the wheel.

  11. "When you walk amongst the trees of the forest, clear your mind, because "THEY" are listening, and will respond according to kind…"

  12. Bit of a let down Dave. Overall was alright, Had to pay to watch which is fine bt I'm a busy man, an you drag it out to the max. Would seem you've found a niche, but people are buying your books and movie and its paying for your flash Chrysler? Glad your helping people but Iv never heard of them? Isnt that just normal wilderness awareness and common sense?. As your a former policeman, you will understand why I think your motives are Highly suspicious. I dont mean any offense though.

  13. Good watch…👍🏻👍🏻

  14. I've waited a while to watch this, and I wish I would have watched this sooner. I'm blown away!

  15. Great movie, much better than first. I hope you'll make more!

  16. Since when do we have to pay for this

  17. I hope I remember to buy this in the morning

  18. THAT WAS AWESOME! I am so glad I rented it. Beautifully done, well written, researched and the cinematography was outstanding. Scared to go in the woods now, but better safe then sorry.

  19. 🦉 Hunters becoming the hunted. Good work, Karma.

  20. When I was younger we were camping in mt Rainier national park, and we found a fanny pack thing that had fishing stuff and an Id in it. I guess I was too young but I just thought someone lost it. I sure wish now that we would have turned it in 😔

  21. Theres rips in reality that lead to another one, things come out of these portals, sometimes people walk into them n can't get out, i think that's some of what's going on

  22. Loved it, my internet sucks so I had to restart it several times to make it through the whole movie, but that's a frontier communications issue. Please Dave do more if possible. And have you ever heard of the 69 year old bikini lady that went missing near kelso in the Mojave national preserve last year. I'm positive husband had to do something with it. But his story is strangely similar to her just disappearing as in your movie. Thanks again for all your work and we all ok forward to another movie.

  23. Mine plays for 6 seconds and turns off, classy.

  24. Ya have to watch some of Mrmmbb333 videos I think something is here above us,, I have watched Mrmmbb333 for a few years and I think 💭 you will get it 👍 love your devotion to this Secret something? Be Safe brother

  25. Almost like what ever it is may be mimicking other languages and noises they've heard in their life. Cause you can hear so much in so little of time it's very intriguing

  26. What a trip listening to those audio recordings, you can clearly distinguish between the men and what ever else that it. But what ever it may be is definitely interesting, I hear the howl, some sort of language, almost seemed Japanese, Russian or I don't even know. But it's fucking something

  27. I PAID to rent this thing and it skipped non stop the whole time wouldn`t buffer one bit

  28. How many times can i watch the movie in 48 hours after rentjng?. does any one know?. Ty in advance.

  29. Not to sound off weird-as if this isn't but David and author Stephen King both have writings King wrote as a thinney(not sure on spelling) in his books. But the idea is that a time wave comes thru a small area and disrupts our experience. I had this happen once as a sober teenager and left me with several moments alone at our home in the near wilderness. Something shifted for a few minutes. Not sure the same thing but the "false" memory has never left me . I'm thankfull I only have one event of this type.

  30. Definitely Sasquatch language that Ron recorded. There is no doubt.

  31. Liked it👍🏽. Ever heard of the I-80 killer and all of the people that have gone missing along I-80 in northern Nevada?

  32. Seriously,it’s defiantly aliens that kidnapped them. It all makes sense;the ufo can abduct the hunters with the clothes on,and there is no scent because the ufo don’t have one. If Bigfoot or something dragged the hunters away then there will be definiantly a very strong scent. Also,the aliens might be able to control the weather;we don’t know how advanced their technology is. It is most likely very high. Plus,they can probably kill us in a way no one knows how.

  33. Whoever think that aliens abducted the hunters:

  34. “A weapon won’t just disappear”

    Me:then maybe someone buried it
    Me:or maybe the kidnapper took it

  35. Whoever’s kidnapping the hunters, NOT COOL

  36. Roses are red
    Santa is too
    Someone got kidnapped
    Oof oof oof

  37. Maybe a phantom escaped from Minecraft and decided to have a little snack,and the walkie talkie was like “what the heck”

  38. It's sad to say that they caused their own demise for hunting and murdering those poor animals, just to have it's head hung up on their wall…
    That deer head hanging on the wall made me wonder what went through their minds when they were snatched up?
    Has anyone seen the episode on Supernatural about the Wendigo? I wonder if that's what's snatching those people up?

    Thanks Dave for your hard work and efforts in solving these mysterious disappearances!
    This Documentary was amazing and would love to see more! Perhaps one about those who mysteriously disappeared in Urban areas?
    My thoughts and prayers go to the families who've lost a loved one😢

  39. There is a a story of a missing boy in Utah, I dont know if it's apart of the cluster or not, but a dad and son were fishing. Car was very close, dad sent son to car to sleep, went to check on him not long after, no son. I thought this was a case of a stupid dad, but now starting to think maybe part of this phenom…

  40. This movie is the only reason I paid for YouTube. Now please listen up and allow the acknowledgement to flow through on everyone’s suggested videos! Put your money into more fact presentations. It’s your due diligence YouTube, since you know and can never deny knowledge of the potential reasons for these future disappearances. Future disappearances 🤔. Spread the word and you’ll do that due diligence 😉. Help these folks.

  41. Very interesting and well documented film, we know so little about the world around us.

  42. I recall a Forest Ranger story where a older man in his 50’s went missing in the woods he was extremely experienced as a outdoorsman and a bowmen. They searched the woods for four days and on the fifth day they found what was left of him 10+ miles away from where he was last seen. 100 feet vertically up a mountain his body was shoved into and crushed in a small crack in the side of the mountain he looked like human jello. He was totally in tact to not a single piece of him was missing. No animal has ever been recorded doing anything like that ever. I can’t think of any logical reason whatsoever why he would be up there can you? Also that snap sound in the first story the man heard was probably the guys neck. Otherwise he would have screamed

  43. After these documentaries I was say to my family , “I will be right back, but if you find my shoe you know I have been 411’d.”

  44. congratulations David you doing berry great job I following you in your work I will buying your books it's crazy what happened out there people don't believe the danger when they leave their kids playing when they doing camping congratulations in God bless you

  45. I'm a little pissed my 48 hours ended and I missed like the last 15 minutes 😭

  46. This happens so often that it's common practice to cover it up. If David didn't bring this out to main stream then all these family's would be suffering alone without any help.

  47. It would be awesome to be able to download the 411 books or read them online. Postage rate to the UK is just way too high for me to afford.

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