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Product Description

All For Your LifeAll For Your Life

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LovoIn’s Love Story

Grandpa is a very famous craftsmen, make kitchen utensils and appliances for the town, in the end, he lost everything because of gambling, but the craft was father passing on down, and set up his own workshop, we make a living, grew up watching the PANS on the stove, because mother often use them.Surrounded by the delicious food mom made with these cooking utensils, my family enjoyed the delicious food and the love.We created LovoIn as a kitchenware brand on line. LovoIn is dedicated to creating the best kitchen supplies. “Making the best kitchenware, eating the delicious food, enjoying a happy life, and loving your family”.

PD details

PD details

PD details

PD details

PD details

PD details

Integrated Forming

Cast iron casting

Integrated molding

Vegetable Oil Pre-seasoned Coating

No chemical rust protection layer

Vegetable oil film technology

Better Heat Storage

Special durable construction

Excellent uniform heat performance


Why choose us?

Enjoy your delicacies

Reversible grill griddle pan is worth buying for its high quality design, long-lasting durability, and cooking versatility.Cast iron cookware can last indefinitely if well cared for.You can use cast iron cookware on many heat sources.At Lovoin we do believe nothing brings family and friends together like a well cooked dinner served with love and seasoned with care.

Reversible Cast Iron Grill/Griddle Pan

Classic Flat Grill Pan Design.Long-Lasting, Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Grilling PanNatural materials are hand-polished without any coating.Convenient Reversible Sides, Flat & Grilled.Effectively Distributes & Retains Heat for Even Cooking All-Around.

Your cast Iron Cookware

Preparing:It is ready for cooking,since LovoIn griddle is vegetable oil pre-seasonedCooking:Before cooking, let the griddle warm up for a while, then you can cook foods you want,when nice looking brown crust,it’s doneCleaning:Scrub off food reside with a chain mail cleaner and wash it with hot water.once clean,give it another towel drySeasoning:Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil with paper towel

Cast Iron Griddle For Gas Stove

Food is less prone to sticking

The cooking surface is considered food safe

Perfect for slow cooking

Cast iron has an amazing thermal density

Size: 10 5/8″ X 10 5/8″



high temp

high temp



high quality

high quality

Cast Iron Material

Cast iron material, natural and uncoated, hand-polished

Reach 480 ℉

Evenly heated, with certain heat preservation function, to ensure the delicious food

Elaborate Design

Square type, and he two easy-grip handles are an integral part of cast iron molds.no welds, no seams, no joints

High Quality

After 40 years of repeated testing and use, ensure the quality of each griddle pan

use and careuse and care

Use and care

Stay away from metal utensil in cooking as well as steel wool in cleaning. Use High Heat Plastic or Wood utensils. Clean with soap, water, soft sponge and wipe with thin film of oilAfter washing the pot, wipe and dry the water mark on the surface every timeIn case of paste pot, please do not rush to clean, can add water immersion or boil for a few minutes, can be relaxed clearAfter washing the pot, wipe and dry the water mark on the surface every time. Please do not dry the pot body thoroughly cover the potStoring in a dry and ventilated environment when not in use


【MORE THICK and MORE DURABLE】Cast iron integrated molding from high-quality molten iron,manual polishing.
【CHEF STYLE of RESTAURANT QUALITY】 Reversible grill/griddle,use the ribbed side for grilled foods, like steaks or chicken, or use the flat griddle side for a variety of your favorite foods like pancakes, bacon and eggs, enjoy different styles of delicious and frying fun.
【GREENER and HEALTHIER】Cast iron materials, hand-polished, No chemical rust protection layer, not react with food, even cooking acid and alkaline food.
【HEATED EVENLY】Special durable construction, with excellent uniform heat performance,Food is evenly heated and can be kept warm for a period of time after the fire is off to keep the food fresh and tasty.
【MORE ELABORATE DESIGN】LovoIn grill/griddle. the two easy-grip handles are an integral part of cast iron molds.no welds, no seams, no joints, it can be moved between the oven, outdoor grill, and the dining table in a very stable manner.


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