Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock Review

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The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a hybrid between a hammock and a tent, and it just might be the perfect piece of gear for your next outdoor adventure. Watch our full review!

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  1. Looking for a more traditional hammock? Check out our video on the UST SlothCloth Hammock 2.0!

  2. Where did you get the cords to stabilizing the hammock?

  3. Looks like an uncomfortable, finicky PITA. No thanks. Plus, you didn't demonstrate getting in and out. Do you leave your boots on, leave them outside, etc? I can't see one appealing thing about this hammock. I'm a side sleeper, so this wouldn't work for me in a million years. Maybe to take a short nap, but not an overnight sleep.

  4. I use a warbonnet ridge runner that is very similar but is more stable than this one and can highly suggest trying to get the hammok as close to in the middle of the trees as you can. While sleeping in it with it being off center of the trees, you WILL end up bunched up towards the longer suspension line. It does not matter if you stake it down, many nights of camping in jungle hammoks, ridge hammoks and gathered end hammoks can attest to this happening.

  5. I love mine, I bought a underquilt from jacks r better that works with it.

  6. Looking at buying one, would you recommend it?

  7. I think he forgot the tent pole support bungies…

  8. Nice review. I love my Lawson hammock. I made several mods to it though. I added a sleeve on the bottom so I can slide in a full length pad. Then I added fixed polyester rope to each end as my suspension. I use repel rings attached to carabiners to adjust the hammock. I also tied shock cords to the four corners and stake them out to make the hammock more stable. Simple mods that make this a perfect set up. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed watching.

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