Kammok Roo Single REVIEW and set up CHALLENGE | Camping Hammock

Thinking about picking up a camping hammok? I’m reviewing the Kammok Roo Single, Python 10 straps, and the Dragonfly insect net combination. Learn how to set up the hammok, its features, benefits, and what I love about my very first hammok. Open this up to learn more ↓

To make things a…


  1. Who's a fan of hammocks here? And important question: a camping hammock like the Kammok or do you prefer traditional tents?

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  2. You will need an underquilt or pad for a hammock also if you want to sleep comfortably

  3. how long is the roo single and how tall you are?

  4. I just got the green one from Cabela’s with the straps. Can’t wait to try it out. I might need the dragonfly also🤘🏽

  5. Don't forget a tarp. It will block the rain and wind off u

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