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Get ready to taste the best cornbread of your life. And the best scones. And maybe even the best brownies, too. The Useful. Cast Iron Wedge Pan is a baker’s best friend thanks to how consistently the thick walls of this sturdy pan hold and distribute heat. Whether used on the stove, on the oven, on a grill, or even over a campfire, this wedge pan cooks with confidence. The Useful. arrives pre-seasoned with vegetable oil so it’s ready to start cooking right away. After each use, you should take a minute to clean the pan using hot water and a stuff brush or a cloth, and then apply a light coat of vegetable oil, which you can rub or spray on. By maintaining the oiling of the pan, you ensure easier food release and ever better flavoring as the oils penetrate ever deeper into the pores of this cast iron pan. With proper care, it’s a lifetime product that will become a favorite kitchen staple. And don’t think you can only use the Useful. Cast Iron Wedge Pan for breads — get creative with it! The eight deep recessed sections can be used to make quiche, to cook meats or veggies, and so much more. Thanks to the wedge pan’s rugged, handsome looks, it also makes a great serving dish for the center of the table or for apps on a sideboard.

Brand: Useful.
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Brand: Useful.

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