1. Excellent review as always Darwin! It was nice chatting with you at PCT Days 2019. Q? Since I can’t make it down to a true ultralight weight, what simply designed pack would you recommend for a 16lb base weight?

  2. Evolution: Load lifters have apparently become "Load shifters" when I wasn't paying attention. I worked for REI in the 1980s in the camping department when internal frame packs were still relatively new. I started using a frameless pack around 2005, wore out my first one and have almost used my second one, a Granite Gear Virga, up. I still carry more than I should, so I use a closed cell foam pad inside, rolled up into a vertical tube, and stuffed with my gear as a frame. The hip belt is really a waist belt. The length of the bag allows it to sit on my hips, but just when it's a bit overloaded. I'm thinking about a ULA CDT pack and was wondering if I would miss the load lifters. The super UL packs are a bit pricey on my fixed income, so, they're not an option, but thanks for the review 👍.

  3. Do you think a 20L backpack is enough for a 2 day 1 night camping??

  4. Watching others minimalist packing makes me smile. My pack is 118 liters, my base wight is 45 pounds. I have been backpacking for over 40 years and like the way I do it. I guess it does not matter which way you choose if you are getting on down the trail.

  5. Hey what was that rubber lens protector I've seen you use in your videos? I can't find it in your gear lists

  6. Hello! New subscriber here. I dont know if you will see this but I'll give it a shot anyways! Im 24 years old from Norway and I have been watching some solo hiking Youtubers and they have inspired me alot, including you! I want to start hiking alone in the mountains here in Norway but I am abit nervous for my first trip. I will try to sleep alone in a tent, I have never put a tent togheter before actually (dont judge me). And one of my thoughts/questions to you is: How do you find a good place to set up a tent at? Once you are settled and everything is done, what do you do? I am wondering of what you do once it start getting dark? do you just chill in your tent?

  7. Do load shifters even make sense without employing a hip belt? What would you shift from/to?

  8. Does it fit a BV500 bear canister? And where – stuffed in the bottom?, in the middle?, strapped on top? Note I know us UL hiker trash don't ever include a bear canister in your base weight – but the Sierras demand it.

  9. I am really interested in thru hikes but i have a question. Can you just hike the whole thing in a single go or have to take sections at a time.

  10. Any recommendations for a lightweight, budget camera that isn't terrible?

  11. Good looking pack. It reminds me of the Go Lite Breeze ultralight pack that I have used for the past 20 years and that I like very much. The Way Mark pack looks like it really has good shoulder straps and better side pockets. I think I would like it too.

  12. I think I'll stick to my 100% waterproof 1000D Cordura 120L backpack that costs the same lmao.

  13. okey i have to say this, i really like your videos but im from Sweden and we dont use lb´s could you add gram/kg in your videos?

  14. Hey Darwin, hope you are going good, and everyone is safe at home.
    My name is Felipe,I'm from Colombia, hope you can come here soon and do couple of beautiful hikes we have here.
    I have one question, I've been watching your videos for quite long time now and I realized ypu don't really use any of the north face gear, is there any sp3cial reason?
    Thanks for your content, really really enjoy it!

  15. Good price range for that thing. Looks nice

  16. I appreciate the fact that you don't get paid or accept free equipment for your reviews, but since you actually put work into this pack, you should get paid for it and receive a free pack.

  17. You guys should check your local Walmart for a light weight UCO spork and knife set it’s the best one I bought and it was 88 cents that’s the best part

  18. Would you use this pack somewhere where you are required to use a bear canister (like the JMT) and need 4-5 days of food? If not, what pack would you use?

  19. Ahh really? I wouldn't buy something I designed. I'd take/use one of the prototypes as part of testing and quality control. Any investment is part of testing and should yeild you a partial product at least. At worst pay for cost of manufacturing..maybe. All that aside it looks like a good pack

  20. Darwin, precisely! The pack may be perfect for your needs but imperfect for 99 others.

    The world needs companies that work with customers, saying "We will help you design XXXX specifically for your needs. It will be a one off XXXX for you and will match your requirements precisely. If we like the design so much that we think other customers will like it too, we will manufacture more of them and reduce the price for them and also refund to you the difference so you end up paying the same amount as they do."

    The quickest way to make friends with other people or companies is the way of humility… "I'm looking for something. Do you know where it is (or what it is)?" and "You seem to be looking for something. Can I help you find it?"

    I am looking for a day pack (that could be used for a 2 or 3 day side trip) that packs down to a small pack size so I can use it on a 4000+ mile bike-packing trip when I need it (at other times it will be packed away).

  21. Hey Darwin thanks for the help on the pack looks amazing waiting for my evlv to be made and shipped can't wait to take it on the trail, I used to hike for about 15 years but after watching your vids 2 years ago I've got in to thru hiking, thanks for the videos always appreciate your reviews advise and honesty hope to run in to you on a trail one day!!!

  22. Thanks för a good review, not in the hunt for a new pack at the moment but looks interesting!! Good work 👍🏻

  23. Darwin – I tried ordering the pack this morning and a dialogue box popped up saying " sorry we do not have enough of that item available ". What's the word? Really like the design!

  24. would the EVLV do ok at 25lbs? baseweight of 8lbs and 17lbs of food/water…..does the load SHIFTER in the EVLV work differently than the load LIFTERS of the Arc scout by Zpack? Thanks……and I LOVE your videos, you are incredibly relatable and professional and I was stoked to see you moving on to do more creative things…..passion is what it's all about. Thanks again for all you bring to the hiking/camping world.

  25. Waymark THRU has load shifters no? I just got one and it has load shifters

  26. wow way to go. even the logo is classic toyota colors . haha

  27. That thing looks awesome!

  28. Just a bit off topic great back pack, I just don't think I could go down to 35 litres. I was just wondering if you get many tick bites as u seem to do alot in shorts and do they worry you, they seem to love me cheers Steve

  29. Any chance we will see a 50/60 liter version?

  30. Looks awesome. I love the simplicity of it. Wish I could afford one XD

  31. I know it's pronounced "Evolve", but I'm going to call it "Evil-V"

  32. First time seeing your channel, and I just happen to be looking for a pack! I would absolutely use that backpack for hiking and camping, or hiking to a longterm campsite. I really appreciate that you bought a pack, that you essentially designed, thanks for that. I'm hitting that subscribe button and the bell! Thanks for the video, and stay safe out there!

  33. Waymark’s webshop 1 day after Darwin recommended this pack:

    Sorry, we do not have enough of that item available. 😂

  34. Looks like a great pack. I like the large side pockets and load shifters.
    I would voice one concern about packs that transfer the weight to the shoulders rather than the hips: for those people who have disc problems it may exacerbate their sciatica problems since more weight is now on the spinal column. If one is healthy then this is not yet an issue.

  35. Great packs Darwin. What would you suggest the mininum weight that the pack could take? Cheers.

  36. Looks great. I wonder if will there eventually be a version designed for women with s-style shoulder straps that are set closer together for narrower shoulders?

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