Hot Tent Wild Camp – Escaping the Virus 2 Adventure

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As the world goes into lockdown, the Lone Wolf is out for another adventure and this time, he’s in a HOT…


  1. Olá ,quero muito comprar uma tenda com fogão a lenha ,qual a marca da sua tenda ,indique por favor melhor marca de fogões para a tenda .obrigado .bons acampamentos ~!!

  2. Nice video
    Imagine having to set up that many cameras
    Suggestion: turn tent 180 degrees so stove is in back then firewood is by door so you don’t have to move it past the stove and risk knocking it over

  3. Who who is The real Wolf I enjoy your videos and 902 Wolf to

  4. Wise words Luke in this episode

  5. seeing trash on the side road everyday pisses me off… in a campground I'd investigate who was there and hunt those fuckers down – thank you for picking up disgusting trash

  6. Luke, why do you go it alone,you must miss company mate, if only for safety.?

  7. Have ever tried the Fiskars axe?

  8. He has a YouTube channel about this. He’s a big game hunter!

  9. Go to and listen to his videos!!!!! He tells the truths about it!

  10. It really is a shame that people find it fun to disrespect the forest. I teach my children to respect nature, it makes me sad when people destroy places out of pure laziness

  11. Nice video luke and excellent advice thank you..hope more videos..pls take care..

  12. a deer used the poles of my tent, to clean it's antlers it looked like a set of scary movie fingers trying get through the tent.

  13. grew up east of there in NC- the knocking if i remember, i would hear it if young dear where cleaned there horns. also the the whoop howl was some type of a migratory bird .

  14. Cant make my mind up whether thats a massive truck or you're a teeny, tiny man lol

  15. Uhmm! People use chain saws to cut firewood all the time, chill a bit. You have a truck and your putting together all that gimmick stuff, hell just take a table and chairs, making it harder than it need to be.

  16. looking a little bit like les stroud here.

  17. That looks really cozy and warm. But what about creepy crawlers???

  18. dont come to scandinavia dirty guys and galls

  19. How come you chose a tent that has no floor and the sides don’t even go down to the ground? What if a small animal or snake comes in under the tent while you’re sleeping ? Problem a very amateur question. 😌

  20. I was with my girl camping near some telecommunications towers in a mountain, the wind was so wild, you could hear it whistling through the tower structure, and sometimes the grass around was making some weird noises, sometimes like footprints, but man, there was a moment where I was sleeping and my girl woke me up scared, I swear I heard some footprints around us, pretty clear. Like five minutes later, waiting if we hear something else, I went out of the tent, watched around with a headlamp and I saw nothing. That really got the sh*t out of me. A screaming owl got me once too.

  21. Second or third time I've seen this video, do durock, I love your videos.

  22. Hey Luke can you do another one of those ghost adventures like you did a few years ago ?

  23. I feel sorry for the people that left their waste behind. They’re probably pretty miserable and don’t even know how to care for themselves.

  24. How high is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with these?

  25. Won't the rain go through the hole

  26. That set up looks like heaven. Maybe a winter tobogganing trip in the works for it 😉

  27. i still do not get the reason for such big cars, blowing out endless carbon dioxide.

    anyways, i like your videos!

  28. First, there's no need to escape something that doesn't exist like the virus. Second, where are you that you need a hot tent? I live in Western Washington and the heat is already killing me.

  29. I was about 14 and camping with my brother in law and I woke to this screaming. Scared the crap out of me. It was a Mountain Lion.

  30. Best youtube video I have ever seen! NC native. Charlotte native. Awesome brother!

  31. Luke have you ever seen big feet, Billy from staten island new York.

  32. Scariest thing was a hungry Brooks Range winter Griz circling our Walls tent in the middle of the night. Breathing heavy grunting and snapping his teeth. Talk about staying motionless

  33. Singin?? You mean Spring Fellow Hawks brother who was MIA in Vietnam? Yes I loved AirWolf as a kid.

  34. I'm a straight up Yuengling abuser. Been to the brewery twice get buzzed for free lol. As far as Sasquatch in North Cackalaka? Nah

  35. Great video, cool music

  36. Luke you should make more videos camping with a tent and a woodstove in the rain or snow, It is absolutely peaceful hearing the rain on the tent's walls and the fire cracking in the woodstove, it helps me to gain some good sleep watching your videos, cheers!

  37. Another advice: never pour hot stuff over your laps in the direction of your crotch. Either on the ground or on other flat surface. Practice safety my friend.

  38. Time to practice minimalism. No truck, cell phone, and bunch of gadgets, especially axe. It's called backpacking and least wastes for a real wilderness remoteness. That said, if you can drive it, you are too close. Glass bottle? That's called luxury.

  39. What are you carrying in your Front "Fanny" Pack? If you've done a video on that can you let me know where to find it (Playlist) or place a link to it in a REPLY? Thanks.

  40. Luke. I have seen your front pack before. Can you tell me what is the model and who makes it ? Thanks

  41. Appreciate you being part of the solution, man, even when it's a huge inconvenience for you. From one Luke to another, thanks.

  42. Great video creepiest sound i have ever experienced overnight is a howling monkey google it

  43. It was a Bigfoot and they do tree knocking.

  44. Hi sir, a quick question. What do you carry as self protection since you are alone in the woods?

  45. People need too leave it how they found it and leave no trace.

  46. Luke, that sound that you thought was big foot howling was most likely a police officer trying to stop a motorist using the yelp mode on his cruisers siren.

  47. the chinese government are to blame! … their lack of caution and control of their so-called "bio weapons" production has caused all of this…so don´t say "no ones to blame". We know who to blame!

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