Kevin Nealon hikes with Caitlyn Jenner. 118666

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  1. Kevin's just thinking, "What a FREAK"

  2. I’m going to write a fact here, no fake news: #CaitlynJenner is an XY chromosomed human being with gender dysmorphic syndrome. Full stop.

  3. I have a new found respect for her. She probably doesn't care, but I do. God bless you Caitlin.

  4. More power to you Caitlin. Thanks for sharing what some want to know without judgement.

  5. Microsoft 'face recognition' can not identify a transgender as a 'women'. What would Dean Martin say now, Bruce was on his Roast Show at the MGM….."And fresh from the bar……"

  6. Finally, someone tall enough to look Kevin in the eye.

  7. I wonder how much an original Wheaties box with Bruce on it would be worth?

  8. Hatred, the price of Trump tax cuts. Gotta take a stance Caitlin.

  9. Caitlyn looks very attractive. Wouldn't recognize except for voice. The best on your new journey w/o being controlled.
    Just do U. Good interview UNFO.

  10. Glad I watched this… Caitlyn is a good egg.

  11. A former gold medalists hiking with Kevin! I'm sure the hike won't be a problem.
    Kaitlyn was a really good sport! She was very open & honest. I can respect that! Hey, I no longer think Bruce did this for extended publicity. He said he'd be cross dressing under his suit long ago! He always planned to do this at some point? But the hater's say nothing but hateful bs! I'm not a cross dresser or confused about my own sexuality. If these people feel so depressed with that? They have every right to make that decision. But it's not cheap or may not be "greener" pastures once they undergo such a transformation. I've heard rumors that Kaitlyn was no longer happy transgendered. But I have no idea. If she still has the equipment downstairs, at least it won't be too much of a disappoint if she transitioned back to Bruce. Maybe we'll see that at some point? I have no idea. But what's most important is she's happy with herself now. Like she said, Transgender society isnt really out to hurt anybody. Maybe disappoint some people about their decision.

  12. bruce sounds a little winded….

  13. Great Job Kevin, awesome work!

  14. PC killed comedy.

    Trump that.

  15. One of the remarkable characteristics of this series is that so far, at least in all the episodes I have watched, the conversation does not get political. I get so much of that garbage and division everywhere else. These interviews are a nice escape. This one started to venture that direction, but didn't really go down that hole too far. Please, for the love of God, can we keep it that way?

  16. They didn’t replace her vocal cords to remember that she is Bruce

  17. I love your channel Kevin! But this person? So many other people deserve the time on your show. He is just an attention whore. It's amazing how the real people to learn from are never on tv, their too busy working on SKILLS instead of money and fame… ew

  18. Funny nobody talks about this guy killing someone…

  19. Mental illness affects celebrities more than the average person.Ego is a mother fucker,narcissism s why This dude is walking around with tits.

  20. Your politically neutral episodes are the best. The ones that are not are tolerable but…

  21. "You fixed yourself" oh my god best line I have ever heard

  22. Ok I was fine with this till he says he was wearing a bra and panties under his suit while doing his speech.

  23. Love the Bruce clothes question.

  24. Good job, Kevin, you took the awkwardness away very deftly, I enjoyed this segment.

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