Hiking the Superstition Mountains – Desert Backpacking in Arizona

Join Sara & I for 3 days of desert hiking, backpacking & camping in the Superstition Mountains. And who knows – maybe Sara will find the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. GPS Data at www.sintax77.com

Join Sara & I for 3 days of desert hiking, backpacking & camping in the Superstition Mountains. And… 105717

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  1. Absolutely love your videos , just the right balance of fantastic scenery and you guys , throw in a cheeseburger and viola ..! Perfect

  2. do you guys EVER sleep!? at this point im worried for your health!

  3. She ran to erect the tent, she wanted to be with guy inside ASAP. You have to be a psycho to hike those creepy mountains

  4. just before sundown appeared the still figure in a shawl and bonnet with here back turned

  5. the cave is real ,there's a video on youtube about where it is

  6. Ah. the infamous air pad deflate, like falling from heavenly dreams down to hard reality in slo-mo. Snarfing breakfast is easier than waking up for sure. Right now I'm in the city, it's night, it's hot and it's raining. Thanks for the great vid folks.

  7. Thanks for sharing your Arizona adventure. Epic scenery! More water than I expected to see in the desert. What time of the year was it? Keep up the good work.

  8. Jesus ur sheriff had di hump at bout 104-5 in stiches watching

  9. I love it absolutely amazing place to go, if id enough to last few more days id definitely stay beautiful scenery

  10. There isn't a more dangerous place in this country to hike than this area. You should be fine if you stick to a terauil, and don't actually god back into the wilderness, but you have to be dumber than a sack of rat turds if you do try to hike through the back country there. I can't remember a year when there weren't at least two natural deaths in there, and this doesn't count the murders or the mysterious disappearances.

  11. Shawn, which casio protrek is this one and do you still recommend it?

  12. Nice. One point 7:50, never touch or go near any Cactus when you are out in the desert; (especially Prickly Pear. The thorns are fine and brittle, they can snap off and become lodged in your skin causing infection,:- other than that I enjoyed following your trip out there!.

  13. The Supes are my second home. You should come back and do the Reavis hike.  Attack bushes = Cat Claw

  14. Where did you park, and is it safe to leave a rental car there overnight?

  15. I've studied the lore and believe the Lost Dutchman mine is located in the vicinity of 33.489728, -111.355894. Bring tools, the brush is very thick in that area. Did some picking high up in the canyon just north of Squaw Canyon, came up empty. Did see a mountain lion though. I've hiked every mile of the Sups and that's the first one I've seen.

  16. Idiots are still dying looking for that fantasy. Love the hiking area, but hiking out there at night, which is when most of the idiots die, is just stupid.

  17. Why do yall follow the trail like ROBOTS.. ITS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN NOT RACING TO FINISH OMG THIS TRIP SUCKS yall caint even explore!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️, get off the trail eplore a little. Jump in the water. I dont know . Be Human.

  18. How do you backpack the Superstitions in the summer? You don't!

  19. Put a tent in a wash lol lucky it didnt rain.
    And went in unarmed. Yikes.

  20. Watch out for the evil spirits of the Apache Indians who scalped numerous white settlers.

  21. With all this global warming shit why is it that when you go out in the sun it feels hot? And when you go into the shade it's cool?

  22. You may need to go to the doctor with foot looking like that.

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