Hiking the Huemul Circuit in El Chaltén, Argentina (Patagonia Expedition #06)

In the 6th episode of the Patagonia Expedition we are taking you with us on the tough 4 day Huemul Circuit hike close to El Chalten.
My Guide for Argentina: http://www.back-packer.org/arg_ebook
Kristins Article: http://www.bemytravelmuse.com/how-to-prepare-for-trekking-in-patagonia/

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  1. Beautiful Patagonia I wish I can be there My Country nature beauty!

  2. awesome! I have a few questions…. does it cost a permit to walk there? do you think one harness for two persons (one after the other) is sufficient?

  3. Hola Steve, te hago una consulta: es necesario contratar un guia para ir hasta Paso del Viento?

  4. very nice hiking place.

  5. Showed this video to a friend of mine who noticed that your friend Kristin looks absolutely drained at 9:36 haha 😀

  6. Hello, love your videos. I am planning on doing this circuit next week as the start of my Patagonia expedition. I am curious to know how long the hike was on the last day. When did you start hiking and when did you arrive back in El Chalten?

  7. me encanto tu vídeo y en el mes de febrero quiero hacer ese recorrido. pero se podrá ir solo hasta los campos de hielo y volver por el mismo camino?
    saludos desde argentina

  8. Just finished this last week. Phenomenal! I had actually watched your video before going but it just doesn't compare to seeing the Ice Fields from Paso del Viento in person. It's overwhelming to say the least. there are no words in the dictionary to describe it. congrats on doing this tough hike twice Steve!

  9. Hey Steve, really nice videos! Thanks for sharing.

    One question, did you rent the harness on El Chalten? If so, can you tell where and how much (+-) was it? Thanks!

  10. What is the background music of this video? i like it.

  11. your videos are great, greetings from santa fe Capital (Argentina)

  12. Amazing to see ice lower than non ice capped mountains. Did you guys ever get lost there?

  13. How does that glaciel water taste?

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