Hiking the Highest Mountain in Ireland: Climbing Carrauntoohil | WATCH ME SEE

In October 2017 I solo hiked the highest mountain of Ireland: Carrauntoohil, which stands at 1,038m tall! Watch how I got on and what views awaited me at the summit – and check out my full blogpost with route description, packing list and more:… 8962

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  1. Is it cold? I'm going in March and I get cold easily what should I wear in terms of coats or jackets

  2. I was in a doubt to spend xmas in dublin. Or oslo. But after hearin that accent. Im meltin….. eire it be than…… thanks for just opening your mouth

  3. Just Subbed Love Your Content And I Am Supporting Your Channel Great VLOG 🙂 Thanks And Subbed

  4. Cant wait to give this a go. Sorry it was so Cloudy! Would love to have a taste of the view at the top of My country.

  5. Bummer that was cloudy at the top. Also seems like I missed you at TBEX Ireland as well. Did you get to hike in any other places in Ireland?

  6. Hey it could be worse – I spent a week climbing Kilimanjaro only to have much the same view from the top 😂😂

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