Hiking In The Rain Is Fun

Sometimes you just have to ignore the bad weather and go on a trail hike. That’s exactly what I did when it started raining on me just before my hike. I just tried to make the best of it and have some fun and get some exercise.

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  1. I really like your video and just about all the videos you come across on here every body is so serious but  you changed it up on this one ……..

  2. good stuff Steve, too often I let poor weather keep me off the trail. Very inspirational

  3. It was nice seeing that wipe out for another time LOL…now you know what I was talking about in my trail crampons review when I said I sometimes wear them when the trail is muddy….LOL….

  4. Awesome video!  I really enjoyed it.  I've said MANY times that there is no bad weather, only bad gear.  Some of my best times where hikes in the rain or other harsh conditions.

  5. YES!!! 2:54 for the 6 million dollar man sound effect!!

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