Hiking fail !

Hi guys ! We are back with a new video that shows us trying to hike the Talcott mountain. We didnt take proper hiking shoes and the ice was too bad so we failed and have to go back down before we reached the top ! Maybe next time !

Lucy & Alec
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  1. this is such a great video!!! 🙂 amazing editing! your personality is amaze gal..
    i'm a VERY new youtuber – would love some feedback on my vids if you ever feel like dropping by, thanks love xoxoxoxo

  2. Nice Vlog!! Looks like a nice place there 👌🏼

  3. Just Subbed and dropped a like!Your channel is dope. Sub to me as well!

  4. NyC ViDeO…. U got a new subscriber…. SuB back to our ChAnNeL For support…👍

  5. You have great videos and hope you do it another time
    Be sure to subscribe to my channel!

  6. your videos are so cute!
    This place looks so cool! Winter wonderland haha <3

  7. hi new subbie here i hope you can sub back to my channel as well thank you.happy new year.omg we also love hiking but not in winter 😊😊

  8. your accent is really nice haha! great video!! 🙂

  9. Nice 🙂 subbed 🙂

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