Hiking documentary – Breathing the Triglav National Park, Slovenia

A 4 day hike through amazing landscapes. Great people and food, cool prices for mountains and a blessing for lungs. You have to go visit those places. All situated in the Triglav National Park, Slovenia. Videos made with Gopro HERO4 Black.

Hiking route:
– Slap Savica
– Čez Komarčo
– Črno… 16893

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  1. A se ni ena koca med komno in triglavskimi jezeri jaz sem bil tam nekje leta 91 ali 92 takoj po osamosvojitvi Slovenije

  2. I climbed the Triglav twice. I was VERY young, First time I must have been around nine years old and the second time I think I was twelve. The Faraday cage on the top was orange back then.

  3. Wow! Great video. Thanks for sharing.  I subscribed to your channel.  Would love a sub back 🙂

  4. Nice video, really giving me the wish to go hiking there! Maybe you should just add some entertaining music and change your angle of capture frequently.. . But I enjoyed! 😉

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