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Long Creek Falls On the AT many sights, sounds, smells delight! We really enjoyed this day heading up to Hightower Gap. The sounds of this waterfall stayed with us for an hour or so…. 14582

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  1. cool have lots of fun wish i was there lol but i dont think i could make it my self enjoy it for me alittle lol

  2. now your in my neck of the woods. i love my backyard

  3. That is the trail that goes from N. Adams/Williamstown MA to the Canadian border. 270 miles. 100 miles of the southern portion is shared with the AT. This is gmc's centenniary (sp?)

  4. Hi! Have you two done the Long Trail yet? I haven't been through all your vids to check. If not, would love to see you document a through hike there. Enjoy watching.

  5. That's awesome. I love hiking. Me and my wife go to Gatlinburg every year and hike. Great videos y'all!!

  6. I think sometimes we over think think it. If you just go for a couple of days you really don't need much.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  7. I live in RI so we don't have the AT but it goes to NY near me and I want to go so bad with my bag but it takes A LOT of preparation. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Love the Appalachian Trail…thanks for watching
    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  9. We'll get there someday…. maybe next spring 🙂

  10. I live in Maine, and let me tell you…..Beautiful isn't the word for it…Especially up on Katadin…..Maine, and New Hampshire can be the hardest terrain of the whole A.T., but so worth visiting….And not just on the trail….Lots to see off the trail as well…..I'll be up and down the 200+ miles of the A.T. located in Maine next spring and summer testing gear for my eventual Thru Hike…. Hope to see some of u guys on my travels…..Thanx for the videos, They are most helpful…..

  11. Thanks for watching. It's beautiful up there 🙂

  12. Oh hey, what was the water situation like for you in October? I heard it could be hard to find a water source around that time so I was wondering how much water I would need to bring vs. find.

  13. Awesome! thanks! I'll remember to bring my warm clothes…

  14. Cindy, you need to be careful. Last time I was in that region I saw Big Foot. My nephew wears a size 15 boot. LOL

  15. We were on Blood Mountain in October last year and got welcomed by an unexpected cold front and it snowed on us. North of Blood Mountain is Neels Gap and the trail runs right thru a store. If you need supplies or anything thats a good place to get it. If the weather is bad they have a good hostel there that's great.

  16. Hopefully we'll get to the VA section next spring 🙂

  17. My Son's who are grown now, live near Damascus Virginia near the trail . Beautiful!

  18. I'm looking to do Blood Mtn around Halloween time… any advise on going North or South of there?

  19. We only do section hikes between 30 and 60 miles…. 3 – 5 days. Our goal is to do a section hike in each state. The north Georgia mountains are pretty tough… I hear up around Maine is the prettiest. 🙂

  20. How long a hike did you guys go for? I'm planning on doing a 5 night trip in October. Any suggestions on which part of the AT to do?

  21. @allenh60 We're getting it all in little bits at a time….might take 100 years to do the entire trail lol 😉 c

  22. I see you're walking around in my backyard. Nice huh?

  23. Good point. Once you think your gear and pack are set – talk a walk with it to the local corner-mart and back. Really gives you an idea of weight, pack balance, fit, etc.

    Great vid, btw, thx for the post. Beautiful area.

  24. @ogtheking66 Thank you for the kind words and for taking the time to comment. We really enjoy hiking and the outdoors. Our cats however… well they just enjoy eating, sleeping and watching me clean the litter box 😉 c

  25. Great video, I've watched a couple of your vid's and really enjoy them. Y'all have great chemistry on camera and I like the cat's also. My wife and I went to a hiking/backpacking thing at a local shop and one of their employs hikes with his cat. I'd really like to see that, anyway, keep up the good job.

  26. @MrJmfitch Were heading back to the AT in a few weeks and are lightening the load as much as possible. Thanks for the comments ;)c

  27. I am with you. I overpacked this summer on the AT. There is NO such thing as a pack that is TOO light on the AT

  28. I'm with you. There is no such thing as TOO light of a pack on the AT. Found that one out this summer 🙂

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