Hikes – Hikes (Full Album)

The full self titled album by the Austin, Texas mathrock/folk band Hikes.

Spring Forward: 0:00
Tinker Creek: 7:21
Like Ripples: 13:26
Like Ripples (Pt. 2): 17:54
Tenth Walk: 20:54
Chamomile: 25:10
Quilt: 28:08
Spring Forward (Ashe Acoustic): 36:49

The sole purpose of this video is… 19737

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  1. These guys came to Orlando Florida, That show was livid and so much fun. You guys killed it… Thanks for the good music. Amazing guitarist!!

  2. What it would sound like if you mashed Mock Orange with American Football. I like it! Thank you.

  3. after a long time i'm falling for math rock all over again. albums like these hits me right in the feelings. any other bands recomendations that sounds like this clever girl ,dinner or las armas?

  4. Thank you for your life changing music. Forever grateful

  5. One of the best album's I've ever heard! Cheers! You guys are so nice in real life! Thank you for this.

  6. Can anyone point me to tabs for their songs

  7. I've been looking for something like this since 'The Inevitable and I' came out… thank you.

  8. This is fucking amazing. One of THOSE finds 🙂

  9. what an amazing album <3

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