Hikers Saw That This Neglected Sheep Could Barely Stand, So A Shelter Begged For Experts To Save Him

Hikers Saw That This Neglected Sheep Could Barely Stand, So A Shelter Begged For Experts To Save Him

Chris the sheep was found wandering the Australian countryside with a dangerously oversized fleece. The wool was so heavy, in fact, that he could barely walk – meaning he needed urgent… 2299842

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  2. Soooo… what do wild sheep’s do becuz ppl just don’t shave random sheep

  3. Wonder how much that would have carded out to…. That poor bugger…

  4. Shrek the sheep wasn’t neglected though, he had escaped. His owners had neither neglected or mistreated him. Isn’t neglect when someone deliberately stops or drastically reduce the care for the animal?

  5. Have mangoworms made it to the U.S.? Can volunteers help clean dogs of these putrid little demons?

  6. Looks like he of Chelsea handlers tampons.

  7. That's not a record you want to break, no sheep should suffer like that when it's our fault for breeding that trait into them.

  8. GOD BLESS the man that found the sheep and the the two inspectors who took him where he could receive help. GOD also BLESS the man that sheared the sheep..

  9. I'm confused why he didn't just shed all that wool… Did he have a medical condition that kept him from that?
    If all sheep couldn't shed, this would happen left and right

  10. He just needed to be sheared, like “Shrek the Sheep” was, in NZ in 2010, right? So why was there such a kerfuffle at the shelter??? Didn’t they realize he just needed shearing really badly??? His wool must have been terrible, poor thing! Why didn’t they give him some mild sedation for his shearing? No, it doesn’t usually take 2 minutes to shear a Merino sheep! That’s ridiculous!!! It’s usually around 5 – 7 minutes for a regular Merino sheep with 1 year of growth. So it’s not surprising that it took 45 minutes to do this wooly fella with 6 years of growth! Of course, I guess you COULD shear a sheep in 2 minutes, but the poor animal would probably have nicks & some bad cuts on it after shearing that fast! So that wouldn’t be done by decent sheep-shearers.!

  11. Oh.  What a terrible happening for this poor sheep.

  12. It probably smelled really bad.

  13. Happens all the time sheep get stuck on the high fells and miss the summer sheering. This one might have missed a few years sheering..

  14. Quanta crueldade, pobrezinha, porque o dono deixou chegar a esse ponto? Que alívio.

  15. it looked like a boulder. lol

    maaaaan , that whaz a whot-ah-whool !

  16. Sheep’s don’t use the bathroom

  17. I’m sick of some farmers neglecting their stock; their horses/ponies; their sheep dogs too! OMG! Poor sheep carrying all that wool, weighing tons on his/her tiny legs ! How cruel!
    Farmer should be charged for his cruelty !
    God knows where do sheeps get water to drink ?

  18. Was the shelter so stupid they didn't know how to,sheer the sheep?…pathetic!

  19. Poor sheep I'm glad he is okay

  20. Wonderful that that poor sheep was rescued. A pity that the producers of the video must have gone out of their way to find the squeakiest, most annoying voice possible.

  21. Hoooraaayyy!. For Chris. I 💜storiez like this.😇

  22. The narrator is kinda annoying.

  23. That was shear kindness from the hiker…
    With the sheared sheep not being his it's steel-wool then 😂😂

  24. DISGUSTING….how could ANYONE in their right mind treat a sheep like this ?? Sheep are the most friendly animals there are, just think, not being able to sit, lay or even stand up…..SHAME on you for treating a loving animal like this !!!

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