Heavy but Functional! – Volcano Grills 3 Fuel Portable Camping Stove – Review

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Today Luke and Susan are reviewing the Volcano Grills 3-Fuel Portable Camping Stove.

Link :

Price : $150.00

Weight : 25lbs

3 Fuel : Wood charcoal and…


  1. So three years later, how has it held up? Is the steel a decent gauge steel? Any rust out today? Thx for sharing your review.👍🏻

  2. all that time talking, and never fire up the grill? uuhg

  3. Can wood be put in just for a campfire pit not for cooking

  4. Thank you, I have been looking and reviewing for days. I found it now, I have also heard using wood pellets can be used! Awesome!

  5. shes a pretty girl that stove is nice too I am gonna get one "a stove" lol

  6. I love mine, though I find I don't need anywhere near a whole bag of charcoal. One of the upshots I've found is you can use a lot less fuel.

  7. Great review on a great grill. They do make a Volcano 2 for about 30% less that omits the propane option.

  8. Great review guys…thank you!!

  9. Susan…. outstanding review of the Volcano Grill!! Nicely done and nicely covered. You need to do more of these reviews. Nice to have a feminine perspective!! Lose what's his name…. the guy. Best wishes…. Ax

  10. I've had mine for a few years..i use it monthly. If using on a table..put a small welding blanket underneath. Ive had it melt plastic when someone overloaded embers.

  11. This grill beats out those $3000+grills I ve just replace biolite fire pit with this one even the nuwave infrared grill also got replaced as well

  12. I have two of them one the very first original volcano grill and the third version I just received so I'll be doing a luau pig roast with it I'm just started to break em in since I got two of two it's about 50lbs of cooking stove

  13. How’s the propane functionality? I’ve heard it’s not great and doesn’t get hot enough or cook evenly.

  14. This is better than biolite firepit

  15. Another excellent review, thank you

  16. 12.5 minute rambling sales pitch for a volcano grill. Too much talking 2 min. or less of content. This is not a review.

  17. I've seen the 3 online like you say for 150 but locally a store had a Volcano 2 for 89. I'd want to add the hood also for smoking.

  18. I know nothing about barbecuing or grilling. Some months ago I found a brand new Volcano 3 at my local thrift store for $12. Yes it was heavy. the box had never been opened. Everything still in plastic. I didn't use it till yesterday.. Sadly didn't know how much charcoal to use for about 5 chicken leg quarters cut into 3 pieces each. my family only likes chicken and only the dark meat. Please could you tell me how much quantity of briquettes to use … my bag of charcoal is huge.

  19. I set my wooden deck on fire with my Volcano Stove a couple of days ago. Legs fully extended, set up correctly – but burned the 2×6 decking immediately under the Stove. Bright red coals between planks, charred black for the whole circle under the stove. If I had not been moving the stove to another spot, I would not have notice. I will have to replace some decking, but was lucky not to have had a worse fire.
    I saw this review back in August & remembered you folks saying you had no problems with burning your deck or grass. I revisited this video and confirmed.
    I have had my Volcano Stove for almost 3 years & love it. Great bit of kit for home or car camping.
    I would warn anyone not to place this stove over any flammables (deck, picnic table, etc.) unless you're feeling lucky. Feeling lucky, punk? (Dirty Harry ref).
    Brilliant review, but don't play with fire.
    Love you guys.

  20. did not cook on it…whats up?

  21. I think this is a good option for family prepping.

  22. luke try the foxoutfitter foldeb grill

  23. I always bring my larger Weber charcoal grill when camping in the travel trailer or car camping. It looks great and I might have to get this when I can afford it. The only thing I don't think I could do with this is smoke meat like I can with the Weber. I'll just have to leave this one at home if I'm planning pulled pork or something like that. Thanks for the review.

  24. Bought my Volcano years ago. I think back then they had Volcano I&2.
    Volcano 2 would fit a Dutch Oven and 1 would not.I have 1 and it's sitting
    on my porch now and it's what I grill on and love it. It is heavy.Not something
    you want to go carrying around.

  25. digging this grill, looks excellent for regular everyday camping…….love the idea of 3 fuel options!

  26. Thanks for posting! Never heard of this stove before, wii get one after seeing your vid.

  27. I've had one for years. I use the propane to can vegetables outdoors to keep from heating up the house. It also works well as a grill… cleanup is fairly easy. Taking it with your RV to a campground is super nice as it compacts so small. Easily the best portable stove I've ever used.

  28. That grill is great! !!!!

  29. Very nice review Luke. I have to say I'm impressed with the quick "pop up" setup design. Very cool, I was curious to see how it coarser back down ad if tat was equally simple or is there more to it?
    Love a nice bit of charcoaled meat!!!
    Great video as always brother!
    Be well

  30. 25lbs, hopefully it is made of good quality metal. Looks like a perfect car camper and grill for 2.

  31. Petromax has a similar one. Which one is the copy? Which one is better? Your opinion please.

  32. So I have a question is it heavy ? LOL Great video guys

  33. Hey says the Canadian !
    Scary stuff alien technology probably

  34. I intend to use my new Italian Vegitato Pack to transport this into my secret Yosemity bug out location.

  35. Love mine, I bought it specifically to use with charcoal for my Dutch ovens. I'll be buying at least one more. Thanks, great review.

  36. This is a cool grill

  37. 3:28 – Mr Lucas makes an appearance. Awesome stove and awesome review.

  38. I was going to say expensive but for the versatility it really is a value.

  39. Hi Luke, I hope you're having a great adventure! I have this grill and I take it with me on a hiking an camping trip, (I Do Not go on backpacking trips with it though), just a short 5 mile hike and a couple of nights of camping to the mountains, it is a great grill, thanks for this review I really loved it, I also plan on getting the Fire Pit Grill, I also have the Lid, and made jerky, it works awesome. -Jake

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