Gear Check – What Am I Taking on a Week Long Overland Trip?

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I was doing a gear check before I head out on a week long trip across the desert and to Flagstaff, AZ for Overland Expo West and I thought I’d bust out the camera and share with you all the gear I’ll be packing in my Jeep Wrangler.

Off-road Tool Bag video:

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  1. BRAD, yes, do more videos like this. It helps me to not forget things. I kind of use this as a checklist. GREAT VIDEOS! Hopefully, I will run into you on the trail someday. I jeep a lot in Colorado, but live in Texas. (I have a cabin in southern Colorado). Once again, great videos and information. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Brad. Like you, I love seeing what other campers pack. I collected quite a lot of gear while stationed and/or visiting five continents. Military gear is quite durable and I still use items from 40 to 50 years old. My two burner Coleman finally took a dump so I bought two single burner units, one for "dirty" cooking and one for clean cooking. Man, I wish I were living back in Arizona especially in some of the rural areas near Sedona. BTW , thank you for your service…26 years is quite impressive. I made it to 23 when I was assigned a desk job supervising 172 personnel it was time to say adios. As an Independent Duty Medical Technician (IDMT) with some air rescue missions under my belt I loved being on mountain tops and in remote areas.

  3. The old P-38s work great IF you happen to need a can opener (hardly ever) and their super space saving. Have one in both trailers & 3 vehicle's.

  4. How did that coffee turn out?

  5. After seeing this video, cancel my last request for a video to explain stuff to take! Lol!!

  6. Nice video, keep the videos coming ✌

  7. Ahhhh, Motrin.. Must be prior military.

  8. Have you thought about adding some wind power for rainy day charging? Doesn't weigh much but in winter and rain can make a big difference.

  9. replace can opener with p38, come on Brad 🙂

  10. If you REALLY love your coffee and quality counts, you should check out the ChemEx. I finally can make 5 star hotel quality coffee anywhere.

  11. "for the guys who aren't interested in filming i don't want to bore you with that.." For us guys who are interested please consider doing a vid or two about how you get the shots, what you use, how you storyboard and all that type of stuff. I find it very interesting along with all the other 'jeep' stuff. 🙂

  12. Great video. Who made your drawer system and what kind of fridge are you running? Dimensions?

  13. It's hard to believe you can fit all that in your rig. I have a TJ and I'm crazy jealous. It seems like sleeping bags, tent and cooler take up about 90% of my space. It would be awesome to see you do a video on planning and packing for us poor TJ/YJ/CJ guys without roof racks.

  14. love what have done for the refrigerator, That drawer cover is sweet. looks factory. Great Job..

  15. how do you pack this staff ?

  16. Been watching the channel for a few years now. Still one of the best , most helpful Jeep channels. I enjoy this type of video. Please do one periodically. I use these vids not only to help me efficiently pack my jeep jk but also to get good ideas for offroading,camping and backpacking gear. I love my ridgid pro box for storing gear and will likely be getting more as I believe you can stack several pro boxes on top of eachother. Saw them on a past video and they really do work great. Now I need to look up the Kelty chair and KC battery/light. Thanks Brad for another great video. Keep up the good work. We appreciate it.

  17. Yes , enjoy this type of video as well, make more!! please

  18. I use either tan or blue gloves. Black gloves will not show blood as well

  19. Brad nice video and very informative. 2 observations, #one didn't see any cold drinks or ice for cocktails, #two on your Micro Start jump Starter, I have one also and it works. On my Hummer H3; which had a completely dead battery on the first try with the Micro Starter nothing. You will notice that there is a "Boost" button; which overrides all the safety issues and it starter my Hummer right up. You may already be aware of the boost button but that made all of th difference in the world. Happy trails

  20. Brad what brand of bottle Jack do you use I was looking at Smart Jack but they are pricey

  21. I like the format. Quick, to the point. For details I can go to the individual review videos. You threw in a few quick points about a few things. like the lights, that fit on a quick overview video. Thanks.

  22. Support black rifle coffee. They are awesome.

  23. Congratulations! You are actually traveling pretty light. I wish I could say the same.

  24. Yes Brad keep them coming, very helpful info!!!

  25. I have a question… Where are the beverages? 🤔

  26. is this something do more off? yes, please do. Did I miss drinking water? and maybe refreshments?, I always bring a couple of cans of some soup or something I don't -yes don't- like… nobody is going to eat those, you run of the mill every body loves soup tend to get consumed, these are more for necessities (not emergency, that is something else), in case of that extra day because your friend broke a U join and now I need to drive out, find the part and drive back to wherever the broken vehicle is(was), those extra cans come really handy.

  27. Nice kit Doc! Addressing the grounds in the Cherokee will be one of the best mods you can do. Look up big 3 and headlight relay vids. I started my JKU with a 6.0 LS with the Micro-Start XP-10 this morning and the battery was at 10.3 volts. Didn't think it was gonna work, but started right up!!

  28. Brad, do you know the brand of your camera bag?

  29. Time Travel: strap down the blueberries! Remember: the Blueberries! 😀

  30. "I don't have enough Ziploc bags…" You don't have enough TP! 😂

    French press is the BEST way to make coffee, home or anywhere. Gets all of the delicious oils out of the grind, I think you're gonna love it.

    That shovel looks MEAN 😎

  31. Like that fancy shovel, even matches the color of my YJ, well almost. Problem is $80 for it? Bought a Kobalt that looks similar, but with a steel shaft for $25 and I’ve got plenty of red spray paint on hand!!!!! Like your setup for the other goodies. Might eventually try to put a sliding drawer set up similar to yours in the back of my Jeep. I’ve already removed the rear seat to gain storage space.

  32. Great job. I was checking out your Amazon store. It looks like the WaterPORT tank has been discontinued. I also looked at Cosco and it appears they do not carry it anymore either.

  33. Hello Master Chief:

    Great video!

    I recently discovered your Channel and I am now busy binge-watching your content – great stuff.

    Maybe I’ll see you on the trail some time.

    HM2 / USN

  34. and your tyre deflators need to live up front with you. no point in opening up the back and diving into a drawer for them when at the trail head right…. unless something else back there your needing??

  35. Hey Brad, can you tell me how many amphrs you have in the Goal Zero battery pack?

  36. Is overlanding the complete opposite of hiking? It seems like every video I see with that word in it is summed up by pack as much shit as possible no matter how much you don't need it. Man, in the 90's and early 2000's my old man did this stuff in a grand caravan. He packed this much shit for MONTHS.

  37. Hope you didn't forget some good beer!

  38. Waterport tank no longer available

  39. Great video! I always enjoy checking out gear.

  40. Great vid mate
    Lookin foward to your camp walk arounds also there the best not enough people do that sort of thing 1 thing with your fridge try vacuum sealing all the things you can in there you'll be suprised how much room you will save👍

  41. NOCO Genius Boost Pro GB150 4,000 Amp 12V UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter

  42. In Pack mode as well. Have a great time at OX! Been going since it was in Amado with very few people. It's certainly busting the seams now. Taking a break this year (although everytime it gets close I jones to go because I do love it…..but….) Meeting a gang in the Mexican Hat area, and we'll get "out there" and start our 14 days of wandering the ~ BackCountry~ while everyone's in Flagstaff. Some crew coming from OX to meet us.
    One piece of kit idea…..I keep in all 3 of my rigs, a small "Stanley FUBAR". a) my T.P. roll is on it under the front seat. Best little digger for waste if I can't pack it out. b) Good all around scraper digger, hammer, pry bar (I've used to move rocks or lodged items when stuck. c) A ton of uses HD multi tool. I even filed a chopping edge on it. (A Shovel & rake compliment it for camp site cleaning). Long Live SNOWVERLAND Expo '15 ! 😉
    Hope you have good weather. Have a blast ! Peace~Out !

  43. A timely video with great information. I'm leaving next week for a 10 day trip in the four corners area and you gave me a few good suggestions, like the USB fan. That will help immensely when I'm trying to sleep in the desert.

  44. Interested in your thoughts on the Black Rifle Travel Press after using it. Been thinking about ordering it but but would like to hear your comments

  45. As usual you nailed it.
    Also if you can give review on the roof top tent that you have would be great.
    I am in the market to get one and will be waiting what you have to say about your experience.

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