Garmin Fenix 3 Hiking GPS Review


The Garmin Fenix 3 is my favorite piece of hiking gear, bar none. It’s like having an outdoors smartphone on my wrist, 24/7. The Fenix 3 has hundreds of features. Here’s what’s good, what’s not, and why you should… 140818

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  1. Do you need your phone on your person to use the gps feature

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to put together your outstanding website and these extremely useful videos! I've been a hiker and a backpacker for about 50 years, and I'm fairly comfortable with new technology, but having a guide to these sorts of devices (GPS-enabled watches, inReach communicators, etc.) has been a Godsend. I've done lots of searching on the internet for such information, and your stuff is the best by far. Greatly appreciated!

    (As an aside, I really like the fact that you point viewers and readers to REI. They're a great company, operating with a first-class business model, and I appreciate your allegiance to that sort of operation).

  3. Hi, how many hours does it last with the BackTrack engaged?

  4. Hi! I'm a runner. My Samsung tracks the path I have run and tells me roughly how far I've gone based on that. Does this watch have a feature like This? If not can you please recommend something?

  5. I just watched your video,I love company also produce smart watch,can you make a video for us in YouTube?

  6. Do you have strava man? Id like to follow you.

  7. What is more reliable and hard built, the suunto traverse or the Fenix 3? I'm just gonna use it for hiking and wilderness trekking. I don't care much for the fitness apps that the Garmin excels in

  8. Can the Fenix 3 compare times/distance on previous workouts as you are hiking/running? Basically I want to know if I am ahead or behind my previous time on mountain routes I regularly climb. Does it also give audible alerts? For example, telling you the time you have taken at each mile in the hike.

  9. If say I was out in the field and I have my cellphone with me that has preloaded maps. Is there a way to make a waypoint my cellphone and transfer it to the watch so that I can use the watch to navigate to said waypoint?

  10. Thanks for the video, Does it have elevation details too? I am regular mountaineering and Elevation is what i am looking for too so i will know where about in the highest elevation i am now and how close to the summit too.

  11. Can you change the overlay of the maps?

  12. How is it for being out on the water ? (e.g. kayaking)

  13. My fenix 3 in hiking sucks, the trail is correct but if i stop, the distance keeps growing, does it happen the same to you? This causes me to have a good few miles more then the reality.

  14. For hiking : How do you add encumberance weight (pack weight) into the watch to more accurately record fitness statistics?

  15. Hello. You looks like a man which knows alot about Garmin Fenix 3. I'm very interesting about this model, but I'm worry about GPS tracking accuracy. For way tracking I'm using Endomondo. So, one day I was on the hike trip in mountains with my friend which using Garmin Fenix 3. On the finish we compare our results… Endomondo (as the paper map) showed 25,4 km and the Garmin Fenix 3 – 31,53 km. So, at home I compared our ways on the PC… Feels like the Fenix sometimes det lost. Do you catch sight of it with your Garmin?
    Garmin Fenix 3 Way on the APP –
    The same way on Endomondo –

  16. If I get the watch would I be able to pin my camp's location from my campsite?

  17. This is my favorite overall review of the Fēnix 3 when it comes to hiking. Your video was a big reason I bought this awesome watch! Thanks!

  18. Great video mate :0 Im subbed, keep up the good work 🙂

  19. Hey, man! Good video! Quick question, what's your wrist diameter? Thanks!

  20. where do you download trail map and how do you upload them?

  21. How far can you go using breadcrumbs feature ? Can you go for at least couple for miles ?
    Thank you

  22. What about a trackback feature like on Suunto?
    If I get lost in the bush, can I just click a button and know which paths I took?

  23. How do you track sleep and still charge the battery? Don't you leave the watch on the charger overnight? How does that work? Thanks

  24. Is there a way to build routes based on a series of Geographic coordinates? Im having trouble trying to use the "course" functionality to this end.

  25. I don't know if your from California, but it really looks like you are in Bakersfield lol

  26. I don't know if your from California, but it really looks like you are in Bakersfield lol

  27. I like this watch but I think I'm going to hold out for the casio smartwatch.

  28. Great video and very informative. Just an FYI, there is a channel by a guy named Ryan Daniel that is using your video as his own.

  29. hey there. do you know how to change the GPS grid in the watch depending on the fiscal map one is navigating by?

  30. Can it show live coordinates? And can I enter a coordinate waypoint into the watch itself or a phone?

  31. I generally hike in dense forest where cell phones aren't even close to picking up a signal. Should i be worried about the GPS signal?

  32. Hey, I understand if this is too specific of a question to have an answer to, but is it possibly to load up a map of say the entire John Muir trail and then track your route on the watch? Thanks for your time!

  33. I have a question about the alarm feature. Is it possible to set multiple alarms directly on the watch? Also, can I use the phone app to customize the phone features (screens, alarms, settings, etc) or is customization ONLY be done on the watch?

  34. Does this watch actually measure your heart rate? I like the GPS feature on it though I wonder how accurate and well that feature might work when you are hiking trailers through woods etc. I am just getting into hiking this year and would like to find a watch that can record your heart rate, routes and might even given you the option to review your hiking online.

  35. I am currently looking for this kind of gps watch, and my 2 choices are the Fenix 3 and the ambit 3. Was the Ambit 3 also for you a possible choice? And if so what where the reasons why you chose the Fenix 3?

  36. Thank you so much for the links, i wasn't being lazy it's just that i didn't look into it that much and wondered if you have the experience of using the watch as a sat nav, again many thanks very interested in this watch thanks to your video.

  37. really what i want is to see if i can input geographic co-ordinates into the watch as i use the photographers ephemeris to scout and locate places? so if i input the coordinates data, will the watch then navigate me to that set place? Great video by the way and many thanks for the really quick response..

  38. Hi, i am interested in this watch for hiking mainly to photographic spots, is the gps tracker as you showed on this video any good, as you showed going off course it corrects back when you go back on original track?

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