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It’s time to review the Fjallraven Barents Trousers.
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  1. Are those black/black, or Dark Grey/Black??

  2. I've had my Vidda pants for 10+ years now and really love them. But, IMO they are a bit hot most of the year here in maryland, especially since I run warm… Even when i lived in scandinavia, on a hot summer day they could get a bit too heavy/warm, but it wouldn't last long there:). That's my main con, but unfortunately it's kinda a big one! Many months of the year my legs get cooked:( Other minor being the G1000 fabric is not stretchy like other more modern pants. It felt like cheating, but I bough some Arc'teryx pants and the stretchy, light fabric I must say is quite nice! And they were cheaper than fjallreven, lol They're also cleaner design, less outdoorsly looking so can be used for flights etc. I swore I'd never give up on my fjallreven, but we'll see, sorry!

  3. Thanks for your reviews, been watching almost all your overnights. Here’s hoping 🤞 for that big winter storm this season. Snow or ice (be careful). Never commented yet, but just have to say thanks for your reviews. Hoping you get a tent cot to review sometime. Maybe the Winterial Double Tent Cot. I just got one but would loved to seen what you think. Really like the Kamprite Over sized tent cot. Perfect for a road trip out west camping along the way. Anyway, I admired you young man. We are both country boys growing up, but you had your brother! How awesome would that have been.

  4. I flew to Minneapolis just to buy a pair of Fjallraven Vidda Pro!

  5. The raw length can be turned under ‘trouser blousers’ like military pants, which allows you to adjust to different boot heights.

  6. I just ordered (1) pair of Vida Pros – dark olive / dark olive , and a Fjallraven Lägerplats tee shirt from Amazon. The shipper was Backcountry. Wasn't I pleasantly surprised when the UPS man came today with 3 packages : (2) pair of Vida Pros + the tee shirt! I double and triple checked my invoice and bank and was only charged for one pair of Vidas @ $74.99 & the shirt @ $27.99….. I GOT A FREE PAIR OF VIDA PROS !!!! I don't know how that kind of mistake could happen on such an expensive item, but it did! Too bad both pairs are the same color, but on well, I'll just exchange one for a different color and have 2 different ones . Unless they catch on and don't send me a pair back lol! Worth a shot right?

  7. Sort the lengths out theyre a joke for the money .. even the fjallraven shop didnt have my size .. and £140 a pair .. theres plenty of choice out there , made in vietnam with one leg length , you guys have gone cheap ,

  8. You forgot to mention pockets for knee pads

  9. I just got my pair, and can TOTALLY confirm all your good comments on them. Thanks for the excellent review.

  10. You have mentioned that You don't have to be afraid of getting a holes from sparks on it. I have met different opinions on it. So can I ask You to specify if You have got a sparks on them and it didn't damage the fabrik. Thanks

  11. Great review on every specs and usage of a pant. Interesting and educational. We are developing an outdoor pant for same minded people so we could had some features that hikers love to find in a pant ! 😉 -Thank you

  12. I hike with 5.11 stryke pants. A cheaper allturnative, but still very durable and can still be worn in a job environment. They also dry crazy fast.

  13. My biggest complaint with this company is that they are made in china. So you're paying "European Quality" prices but at cheap quality and forced labor. That's a ton of profit margin

  14. I ordered the Vida Pro pants. Dark gray . size 50 EU.

  15. Almost like a canvas ????
    It is a canvas a tent canvas ,,
    That's the history of the brand
    The make clotting out of canvas fabric,it's cold G-1000 dude trie gater trousers from fjal Raven.kick ass trousers

  16. Excellent review, very informative, few things to ask,

    can they be worn for motorcycle tours.
    If not, does the same company make other pants for motorcycle touring

    Can they handle a fall from motorcycle @ 80MPH

    I understand they are comfortable, is the fabric stretchable as well …

  17. It is 2018 now, I was thinking about getting Fjallraven Keb trousers. Do you have those yet? I like the Barents features alot! Do you know which trouser is better?

  18. Over priced, I have a pair, I also have buyers regret

  19. 3 things about waxing. 1 it's not time consuming 2 it WILL NOT WASH OUT and 3 it does not make them 100% waterproof. If you spent time in the military you will learn, nothing is waterproof.

  20. I just bought a pair of the Vidda Pro trousers for £145 from Cotswold Outdoor in the UK. Could have saved money buying online but I wanted to try them on first and I fell in love instantly, and I wasn't patient enough to buy online haha. £145 is a lot of money for trousers, but then other people will spend £100 on a pair of Levi's (they are expensive over here!), so £145 for a single pair of trousers that will see me through adventures for years to come, it's really not a big deal. All about priorities and everyone's priorities are different!

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