Everything You Need To Know If You're New To Road Cycling

Have you just bought a new road bike? Or are you planning your first road ride? We’ve got just the video for you as Manon takes a short ride around her local …



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  • I cycle 50 miles every single day on a bicycle and I still hate cycling. When I get rich, I will buy a Bugatti just to drive at 10mph.

  • thank you so much i just found a restaurant next to my house tucked in the corner
    now i can have fun and eat

  • Very good video, I started cycling a few days ago. One route took 8.4 miles (13.44 km) and returned the same. so a total of 16.8 miles (26.88 km) I really like it. I mention that I do between 45-55 minutes on a single route, in the city of London with hills

  • Where can I get the GCN sweater she is wearing (mens)!?

  • The worst thing that has happened toe whilst been out is my rear wheel became loose almost causing the wheel to completely fall of

  • How to have a house next mountain , u are great girl

  • Love your video! I am the beginner since last three months and still learning.

  • This is so helpful! I really want to start cycling but I feel so intimidated and like I'll be super identifiable as a newbie idiot lol.

  • I just transitioned from a hybrid bike to my first road bike yesterday! I fell 2.5 times.. Not ascending, not descending, but stopping. My feet used to automatically jut out if I began to lose balance. My muscle memory now has to account for the fact that I’m CLIPPED IN!!!
    Practice clipping in and out somewhere soft! Take it from me, your body will appreciate it.

  • i hate eating food on rides even after like 6 hours

  • I have never learned to fix a puncture, cannot get a tire back on. That is why taxis are invented. I wonder, one hour ride and you have to stop on a café to snack. I can understand drinking, but not eating. I am exploring the idea of temporarily fixing a puncture with a sealant and then taking the bike to the shop.
    Oh, how did I get to cycling:
    Me, about 9 years old: "Mom, I am bored!"
    Mom: "Why don't you take your bike and go for a ride?"
    Me: "Like where?"
    Mom: "I don't know, take a look at the map."
    Mother probably soon regretted saying that.

  • Did my fist ride ever on a road bike last week (experienced mountain biker) after 6 years of just not riding bikes very often…oh boy oh boy…even on my 16 LBS Madone, ufff, 20 miles was NOT easy- how the heck do you guys do it!!? Lol

  • Went to my first ride today 30 km
    Got a little tired

  • Really enjoyed this video. I’m a complete novice and riding a bike which is 70 years old haha think I need to save up for a nicer one but enjoyed watching this thank you for doing some videos for complete newbies

  • M P

    Got into cycling during first lockdown using a hybrid. Looking to get my first road bike and have a question. Would the trek domane al2 be a good bike to get.

  • No underwear, now we're talking hahahaha

  • Plan a "Cafe stop" half way… those of us in Texas that's like 3 hour ride one way lol

  • Just here to watch manon 🙂 am i the only one 🙂

  • Another Important Tip : Don’t fall in love with the girl you just saw. 😍
    You so cute though ❤️

  • Watching this video makes me miss the Welsh countryside 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  • Just went for my first ride yesterday, bought a nice classic bike. The sorest thing is my ass, any tips or do you just get used to it?

  • Awesome !! Thx madam !!!

  • So ready for my first ride

  • Anyone thinking, “holy cow, her apt is nice”

  • Did she just say your first ride should be 15 miles … did I hear that right?

  • Everything you need to know?yeah get the fuck out the way for car drivers that pay taxes

  • Great video! Thank you. The last time I was on a cycle was 32 years ago when I was in high school. I wanted to get back and started cycling again with a hybrid bike in Feb and went out to ride during the weekends. 5 miles on the 1st Sunday, 10 miles in the 2nd time, 15 in 3rd and 20 in the 4th week. I bought a used Fuji 2.3 sportif and switched to it. The difference between MTB/Hybrid and road bike is like day & night. I've been averaging 22-24 miles during March. I did a 24 miles this morning in 1 hour 45 minutes. I need to get that bag, multi-tool and need to learn how to fix a flat tube. BTW, how do you handle nature call when you're riding. I only carry a water bottle and take a few sips just before the ride. As the weather was super cold and windy, after an hour of riding, I felt the need to pee. But no coffee shops were open and no public restrooms anywhere in the vicinity. I managed to hold it for the next hour till I got back home. But I didn't enjoy that part of the ride at all. My goal is to do 50 miles by this summer and progressively adding 5 miles by each weekend. I want to make sure that I prepare myself for being out for hours together. Thanks once again. Subscribed.

  • My first ride was today, i rode 1 hour with 20 mins in a non-moving traffic in addition to 15 mins in a bumpy, fucked up road. But i didn't hate it! 😀

  • A good alternative to bike shorts with pads are external pads on your saddle itself. Great for city riders who dont really need the aero and are wearing streetwear. Saved my ass from long days of being sore.

  • My first ride I was concerned with keeping a comfortable speed, came to a junction and thought to myself where do they put the breaks on this, 🤔.

  • went on my usual route and surprised that I got exhausted before making it halfway, turns out my rear caliper was sticking.
    Note to south: give your wheels a spin in the air to see if the spin freely.

  • If you're thinking of doing some minor maintenance on your bike, I recommend getting a decent hex tool set, like the Wera Hex Plus ones. They're the most commonly used tool needed for bikes (and several other things) so getting a good set becomes an investment.

    Secondly, don't be scared when things break. You haven't done anything wrong. You'll get punctures, you'll stretch your chain, you'll wear down the teeth on the sprockets, and you'll get rust. It happens to everybody, at every level, no matter how well they look after their bikes. By accepting that it will happen and understanding how it happens, you'll get more enjoyment from using your bike and be more prepared to solve the problems as they come.

  • Drop coin on a £€¥$ High Mod. Kit yourself out for your first ride with Meilensteins for the traffic light envy. This is what getting into cycling is about.

  • your camel toe is just awesome. Keep it up!

  • Thanks for sharing. I started cycling just a week back.

  • A few years ago I was going very slowly, my bike chain broke, wrapped into my front wheel and I landed on my head. Apparently. So I was told when I woke up in the intensive care unit with a fractured cranium. Luckily the first car coming past didn't run me over and called an ambulance. Have 0 recollection of the event whatsoever. Wear a helmet! Eating and talking is a lot more fun than "looking cool" is (not to mention most modern helmets look great).

    The morning of the accident, I had forgotten mine upstairs onm my way to work and was like "ah well, I'm gonna be fine". Yeah, nope. My memory is never gonna be as good as it was.

  • U are cute english girl ❤️

  • I got my hybrid comfort bike five years ago and it's changed my life…profoundly! I'm fifty and hadn't exercised in over thirty years so I started slow and built up. I still ride at least five times a week for just thirty to fifty minutes and I push hard when I have the strength! I absolutely love it and can't picture my life without my cycling….it's my exercise, it's super fun, confidence and morale boosting and stress relieving all in one. I'm not hard core like these folks and I don't have the bike shorts, etc but I still get the enjoyment and benefits that I want. Have never crashed my bike(yet) and I do nod to other riders, of course!

  • Waving at other cyclists we meet on the road, that is a really good feeling 👍

  • ……. me wondering if my “ Geico roadside assistance “ will come save me 😜

  • So beautiful stunning views .. may i asked where is this in Wales

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