1. can you use the stove with the cross stand? Can you place the pot right on the alcohol stove?

  2. Does this work in the winter time?

  3. can you add alcohol when the burner is going?

  4. Um. Evernew makes their titanium goods out of .3mm stock. That's thinner than most of the other stuff out there.
    That's definitely not "more heavy duty than other brands".

  5. Specific heat capacity is about half of aluminum and the thermal conductivity is way more than aluminum. That said the Ti will benefit more from standard burn practices for other metal stoves. That moss was a good insulator from conduction that is the enemy of reaching a bloom “prime” in short order. If possible always place an insulator beneath metal alcohol stoves. Air is the best insulator as we know from down feathers in our cold weather gear. Ideally a waffle surface of natural cork, cut like a coaster with a gold Mylar coating. A shiny metal windscreen will also reflect the radiant heat back onto the Ti cook wear, thus reducing heat losses and improve cook times. A bail wire run through the handles will make experiences with wood fires more pleasant too. Cheer to good video!

  6. Are u a commy, communist, we use ounces in the USA

  7. Thanks for you great contribution to the outdoor life. Well done……..

  8. Thank you for broadcast they have I call it a duck bill silicone pot holder if needed! Appreciate your broadcast and links kudos to you! PS how come the center isn't blocked like when you make a diy one? There's always pros and cons to all cooking! Uhhhgg right!

  9. I have a VERY similarly designed stove, a Tomshoo Alcohol stove.
    Any suggestions for a type of simmer ring?

  10. Thanks for the video Iv been toying with the idea of getting one . Think I will now . All the best

  11. I should have tried one of these sooner.

  12. Hi, can I use the fuel oil to ignite this stove instead of alcohol?

  13. Most reviewers seem to be fixated with how quickly they can boil water. This one is no different. Very little attention is paid to actual cooking which requires a lower level of heat energy over a longer period of time.

  14. The good points of this set (I have the same set): lightweight, strong, boils quick. Downsides: stove is very thirsty (I can boil twice as much water per ounce of fuel using my Vargo) and the lid doesn't fit the mug so you can't as-efficiently boil it. I take my Evernew on short hikes (carry more fuel) but my Vargo for longer distance trips (I halve fuel weight).

  15. Finally, a real test outside, no screen, some wind, 10 min boil. Very cool. Thanks.

  16. Set the stove on the ground behind the log and use it as a windscreen.

  17. U can simmer with a trangia, with this one u can’t. This would only serve purpose for rehydrating freeze dried meals.

  18. High risk of unbalance caused alcohol spill fire. Use other solutions.

  19. This set is garbage. The two piece pot stand is awesome though. Use it with the original brass Trangia burner for best result. The fit is even better on the Trangia.

  20. At the 5:13 mark you said .." I believe you can use other forms of GAS as well ". WRONG..Do Not Use any " Petroleum based GAS " in the stove , just alcohol. Evernew even warns you to only use Denatured Alcohol and that petroleum based fuel can cause injury. If memory serves me it's on the box the stove comes in or the information sheet.
    I like to use the food grade alcohol in the 153 to 190 proof range whenever possible. Otherwise I use denatured alcohol. The food grade does not have any of the poisons in it like the Denatured or Heet has. If I use denatured then I keep the burner in a zip lock bag when it's not being used and stored inside the pot to stop any contamination.

  21. Good video. Thanks. How do you put the flames out when you are done and how do you recover the unused alcohol?

  22. I purchased the stove, cross stands and the evernew pot set in this video. I also got the firebox titanium gen 2 you showed on another video. These are great for boiling water to make a mountain house or hot chocolate when I was hunting for lunch time. Keeps the weight down on my hunting backpack.

    My question do you have a favorite or use a titanium spoon or spork?

    I just use i a plastic msr folding spoon. I’m afraid one day it’ll break on me even though I take my time closing and opening it.

  23. I see no way to haul it with alky in it ? Does it have a simmer ring ?

  24. My problem with the alcohol stove is the sticky residue that remains or drips into my cup during storage.  How do you avoid this problem?

  25. I've learned that if you put those cross bars down inside your Nano, it puts the stove at the perfect burn height. It also provides wind protection and a back-up fuel source. I love both!


  27. That setup is great, however, using the dx stove kit with the included 400 or 450ml pot works better in the wind. It is so lightweight it makes a great versatile daypack stove for tea or coffee. I also like the fact if you need to you can use the stand as a great wood stove as well.

  28. wasn't it a bit dangerous to light is on top of of dried wood, around dried leaves, and also spray the alcohol around it?

  29. Hey, THX for showing!!!!!!!
    Greets from far away Germany,


  30. What is the best alcohol to use with this type of stove?

  31. Just placed my order.

  32. Spot on man great little stove ⛺️

  33. Wow that's a huge amount of lost heat from the flame spouts being so far outside. Works fine but very inefficient.

  34. nice stuff!
    can you say if the pot/mug will nest with a klean kanteen 40oz.?

  35. In canada I use methyl hydrate it's about 6dollars for 2gallons at Canadian tire

  36. Yeah this is not too efficient because you waste fuel compared to a trangia that can store. But the trangia is so heavy. I think the Chinese copies are aluminum so that's an alternative.
    I'm thinking myself to make a cat food can which is ultra light and very cheap to make.

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