Epic Grand Canyon Hike: Frozen Shoes and Low on Food (Part 2) | National Geographic

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  1. grand canyon America is a royal university of the world 2000 years before the Petra Jordan royal university is established in mediterranean sea.both of them very similar in all concept.grand canyon building long lost and forgotten city of intelligence research and laboratory

  2. Ha,ha … When they find their food cache they sound like grateful drunken fools

  3. You pulls this off .the best of the best.👍😁🍺i need a drink.

  4. Some body needs to clean up that uranium mine 😖the dragons tail.

  5. What a huge douche “we didn’t put the uranium here lol”

  6. Why lol just why lol nothing else better to do is just torture yourself with nature lord help us lol

  7. So …. you crossed the Little Colorado River in flood (0:19) …. what time of year? Was that memorably challenging or just a soak in the river and proceed?

  8. How did they get and position their food caches on their trip?

  9. The suit speaks as if flooding will never happen! NOT GOOD! We have to consume LESS and protect American treasures!!!

  10. Curtis Moore stands there lying thru his rotten teeth trying to make folks beLIEve the lies he spews out of his filthy mouth!Had to bypass his lying speech as i can't stomach his lies! These greedy parasites will stop at nothing to get their stingy reptilian webbed fingers on $$

  11. I am with the Havasupai Indians because that cute little shallow pond is piddly squat to the acts of flash flooding, earth quakes and leaking. this is also why the majority of both political parties in Las Vegas are against Yucca Mountain. Water is more vital than cell phones aand electric ANYTHING. All the water in the desert that sustains us long term is underground…PERIOD. The more they play we are smarter than GOD the more the rest of us think we will get poisoned by our glorious tasting well water.

  12. Seems to be about a bunch of people doing a long hike a whinging about it …. maybe I am not getting the point or something

  13. having a graduate degree in hydrology from the University of Arizona, I am insulted by that guy saying that the travel of water below the ground is "mysterious"…. no it's not… its been studied very well.. and there is science to prove that we understand where water flows underground and how fast it flows

  14. are food caches legal ?

  15. protect this place.  Don let Trump destroy it.

  16. The devil speaks through the white man's tongue. Does one actually believe the lies that they spew forth?

  17. Beautiful photography.  Great narration.  I have but one suggestion….  The video clips are not in chronological order, nor are they cited as to area, for the most part.  After Owls Eyes, for example, I see a clip from Tanner Beach.   So that could be confusing to one unfamiliar.  Great job, though, in doing this.  I am sure Steck and Butchart were chuckling….

  18. man yall dumb asss com. bout trump up yo asss

  19. If Hanford is any indication, the tribes ground water is screwed.

  20. Wonders worth cherishing. Nothing more beautiful on our planet. Need to worry about development.

  21. Why y'all not looking for entrances to the temples, pyramids or anything that is truly in the canyon. Missing out

  22. Humans are greedy and disgusting, just leave this natural wonder alone and stop ruining the world for a pay check.

  23. incredible intestinal fortitude!

  24. Greedy men in suits are the cause of all the worlds problems. Enjoy the hike boys, very admirable

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