Cuyahoga Valley National Park – The Octagon Hike

More on Our Hiking Ohio Series. We go 35 Miles South of Cleveland to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Hike a small section called the Octagon. 5883

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  1. Thank you for this vid. 8 years later, it's still being watched. I trust all is well with y'all.

  2. Cool, I think I'll go hike around there today. Brecksville Reservation and Whipps Ledges areas are cool too. We've got the Buckeye trail as well. You know Paul from Hedgehog? I want a sheath for my BK-2 but can't quite pull the trigger. 🙂

  3. I keep trying to find somewhere off trailing is O.K. Somewhere that is secluded maybe good backpacking area

  4. @enjoythewildUSA There are a few areas around here where you can hike in and camp, but you have to schedule it with the park system. It is rare to truly be able to wander where you want in the middle of nowhere to camp until you get into southern Ohio. Paul from Hedgehog Leatherworks, Critter, C.T., and myself will be doing one of the Hike N Camp Trails in The Cuyahoga valley in July. We will film a lot of it for everyone to check out.

  5. Are there places where you can go far from roads in your part of the country? Your videos have shots of pre-prepared campsites with fire rings, etc. I'm just curious if you can really go deep in where you won't see others. That's one of the nice things about the Western back country

  6. Awesome scenery! Thanks for sharing. Cheers 5/5

  7. Nice day out.
    Reminded me straight away of my hike up Bald Rock N.P. here in
    oz a few years ago.

  8. Makes me ready for our trip in July!-Critr'

  9. That park is In the Cleveland Ohio Area and it really is a nice place. From what I have hiked All the trails are accessible and maintained. The trails can get really busy but I havnt found a more scenic and enjoyable place to hike in ohio.

  10. @ninjuggalo420 It's right by Akron, should be a pretty quick Drive for you if you are in Central Ohio.

  11. Beautiful area, thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful scenery! Looks something like what we have around the Santa Cruz area.

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