Cucamonga Peak Hike via Icehouse Canyon –


The Cucamonga Peak hike is one of my favorites in Angeles National Forest. The climb is tough but not brutal, the scenery and views are awesome, and the crowds aren’t as bad as Mount Baldy. 9220

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  1. What do you do when you see a rattlesnake or hear their rattle. I saw it at mount Wilson right in the trail and it freaked me out a long time. Finally, I jumped over it but later was told it was too dangerous to jump over.

  2. Hey Hiking Guy, great video!
    I have a question, I ran out of time today and turned around out the post with the missing sign. How close was I?

  3. Don't know how recent you have visited the iceHouse Saddle, but the plaque is back! Nice and new! Doing this hike with an overnighter this weekend. Great video!

  4. Hey where is the last water source located?

  5. Hey HikingGuy. We did this hike for the second time today. Last time was 10 years ago. My Garmin GPS had the distance from the Icehouse Canyon parking lot to the summit at 7.4 miles making it 14.8 round trip. We did not take Chapman Trail. Just straight to the saddle and across the back and up. Normal route. Iv'e noticed that most hiking websites list it as 11.5 or 12. Any thoughts? Have you ever checked this hike with a GPS? Thanks

  6. Thank you very much for the video, I have a quick question, I recently purchased an annual pass for National Park( America the beautiful $80) and wondering if it can be used as a parking pass for the mountains around LA. Thank you

  7. Are there bears in that place?

  8. Looks beautiful. Will definitely be checking this one out in the next few weeks 🙂

  9. Thanks for posting this video. It helped convince me to try it!

  10. Thank you for the video! Just subscribed to your channel. Planning to do Cucamonga Peak after I tackle Ontario Peak first!

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